Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monkey Moo's Birthday Teepee

When my cousin's child(my other daughter) was 3, a friend saw a teepee made on the PBS network. She took some notes and passed them along to me. For Peggy's 4th Christmas, I made her a teepee and painted it. That was 15 years ago and since then, I've made many and given them to friends for their grandchildren's enjoyment. Now you would think the grandparents would give the kids the teepees to take to their homes to play with, but no, they keep them at their house.

Well MonkeyMoo is turning 4 in December, and I've had his teepee sewn together for at least 18 months, but dreaded the actual painting of it. I tend to try to better myself with each teepee and try not to do too much duplicating. MonkeyMoo is all about cowboys, but the only Indians he's familiar with are the ones that are from India. This teepee is going to be an educational tool to teach him about the Native Americans of our country.

The neat thing about this teepee is that the poles come together, the panels wrap around them and then it fits in a bag and slides under the bed. This is a picture of the teepee in it's bag and then out of the bag.

When I make a teepee, I try to include things that are special to that child, and I also like to tell a story. MonkeyMoo is funny about the moon and can spot it instantly. This summer when I was visiting, we were driving home and I said there's your moon. He quickly told me "no, that'a not my moon. That is the San Diego moon." Seems according to him, his moon was in Africa on "bacation", and this was at 3 1/2.

The top of the teepee is about the sky, so needless to say, the top of MM's teepee had to be about the moon and stars. I have painted a different phase of the moon on each panel of the teepee, banded by a band of light and then a band of stars.

The bottom of the teepee is the part that says something about the land and the seas, and the middle sections tell the story. I used feather symbols with the earth tone green for the bottom border.

The front panel is the entrance and for me usually gives the warrior's name. I'm thinking White Eagle, so I painted a bald eagle on one side of the entrance. We have bald eagles here on the creek, and we always go looking for them whenever MM is here for a visit. The right side of the entrance is showing the lances and shields, signs of a warrior. Now MonkeyMoo is all about hunting and camouflage. The sign of the sun is over the front door.

There is a family of foxes that live down the road from us. People have fed them so they hang out there everyday around dusk. This summer when MM was here, we would drive down to see them every evening. I thought it would be neat to add the foxes to MM's teepee. Another reason for adding the fox scene, especially the reflection part, is that in Plains Indian stories, the fox is the trickster. Stories of the fox and his ways were used to teach lessons to the Indian children. There is a Indian story of a Fox and a Porcupine and how the porcupine used his reflection to outsmart the fox.

At this point, I think I should add a disclaimer that I am not an artist. If I can see a picture of something I can duplicate it, and with my early teepees, that's what I did. Of course, with MTC and a Cricut, I can cut out the shapes and then I only have to paint it.

The next panel displays the hunter's prowess by showing a buffalo hunt. This is a scene I have painted on several teepees, simply because it the hunt for buffalo was such a basic part of the Plains Indians lives. They wasted none of the buffalo using everything from hides for clothing, the meat for food and the bones for decorations and tools.

My husband has been elk hunting in Colorado. Elk are some magnicificent creatures. My daughter had specifically requested that the teepee have an elk and an eagle on it, so on this panel I included both.

The last of the five panel is a scene I've painted many times. It's horses running wild, much as they still do in parts of the Rocky Mountains. I can only imagine how glorious a herd of wild horses would have looked in the times of the Plains Indians, but I'm betting it was a sight to behold.

MonkeyMoo loves horses and loves to ride them. He almost wore his Grandpa out this summer when he rode in the ring all by himself(DH is walking beside him) for two hours in some terrible heat.

Sewing the teepee together and painting it are not all of the project. Thanks to my husband for cutting the poles, drilling the holes and helping me to assemble the teepee. I couldn't have done it without you honey(I'll keep telling him this).

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Tribute to our Furry Friends

Sometimes they're real and some times they're stuffed, but whatever they are, we form attachments to them that will last a lifetime. This week the Sassy Cheryl's DT challenged us to create a project dedicated to our furry friends.

The image I've chosen is called Beach Swing. How many times have you seen a child treat their furry stuffed animal as if it were real? Why my grandson MonkeyMoo has a stuffed monkey that he says is his brudder, John. I think that's why this image appeals to me so much. Of course, I also love the expression on the bear's face. The image is colored with Copics and with lots of fun colors. Nothing has to match when you're going to the beach. The sketch I used is a take off on the Operation Write Home Stars and Stamps Sketch Challenge # 40.

Papers are from a The Paper Studio paper pack called So-So Sweet and have just enough sparkle to them to make them fun. I used a MS punch to cut out my ribbon strip and decided to weave ribbon rather than run it straight. The sentiment is from a Fiskars Pack and is a Heidi Grace design. I think it says it all.

Can't believe gotten two cards done today, plus finished putting the teepee together. Of course TazMania is still a disaster and I've got a wasp or dirt dobber in here driving me crazy.

Thanks for popping by. Off to work on the bag for the teepee and then I can blog it.

Halloween Treat Bag or Box

The challenge over on the Tiddly Inks Challenge Blog this week is to create a treat bag or box. Well, I wasn't sure I was going to make it on this challenge or not, as I have been painting a teepee for MonkeyMoo's birthday for the past week. However, I finished the painting yesterday, and last night with the help of MeFlick Cricut and More, I was able to find a cut file for a small treat bag. I modified it in my MTC software a bit by adding a window that I used clear transparency in and then adding a flap with double cut outs so that I could close the bag with a ribbon. I then cut the file with my Cricut.

I printed out the Halloween Pumpkin paper from the Tiddly Inks store and my image is the sweet Candy Avenger. She's colored with Copics. I used my latest Spellbinder purchase, the Lattice Pendant, that I got on the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby to frame my image. I then added a black frame to make the image pop a little more. I mounted the framed image to the back side of the bag, so that no matter what you're looking at you're seeing something good.

The only thing I had in the house to add to the treat bag that would fit were these caramels, that my husband keeps on hand in case his blood sugar does a dive. Of course, I'm thinking some candy corn or some skittles would be a great add.
Thanks for stopping by. I'm always glad for some company and some comments.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fancy Folds Again

I knew that with my project of the week being to paint a teepee, if I had any chance to get a second card done for the Phindy's Place Challenge Blog, it was going to have to be over the weekend. I got it made, but since painting has commenced on the teepee, I haven't had time to blog it. Decided that while I'm having to hang near the kitchen while my greens are cooking, this was my chance to post.

In case you haven't heard Phindy's Place PCP group hit 1000 members on Sunday, and a celebration is in the works. If you aren't a member, you really ought to check it out. There are some cute freebies, and I have to tell you that the group that hangs out there and chats, are about the nicest group of folks you'd ever want to know. The support offered by all is nothing short of amazing, and the topics range the full spectrum.

For this card I found the fancy fold tutorial at A Path of Paper. I'm not sure that it has a name, but the instructions were pretty easy to follow. The image is of course a Cutie, but this time from the Summer group and is called appropriately Summer Blossom. I love babies, so all I can say about the selection of cutes that Phindy has in her Store is that there can never be enough. Her overalls are paper pieced and everything else is colored with Copics. The papers for the entire card came out of my stash box., so no clue as to whose paper it is. The sentiment is from Ginger's House and seemed to be perfect for this image. We so often forget to see the miracles in life's everyday happening and take so much for granted.

Thought you'd like to see how the card opens up with even more folds. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fancy Folds Anyone

The challenge this week over at Phindy's Place Challenge Blog was to create a Fancy Fold Card. I've done a few different fold techniques and didn't realize how many different options there were until I looked at all the delicious eye candy the DT submitted as inspiration. All I can say is that they were truly inspired and all their projects were nothing short of amazing. Thanks to Cec's suggestion to Google "Fancy Fold Tutorials", I found this tutorial submitted by Jo over on the Digital Delights Challenge Blog in their tutorials section on how to make a Fancy Fold Doube Card. When I saw the card she did, I knew exactly what papers I had to use and of course the perfect image for the card.

Summer Driggs has a blog called Summertime Designs, and among her free kits is a kit called Sweet Cakes. The kit was the result of an idea from looking at her baby's footie pajamas when playing airplane with her (you know when you lay on the floor and lay the baby on your legs straddling your feet). Having seen these same patterns in footie pajamas, I fell in love with them all. This card gave me the opportunity to use several of the papers, making it a really busy card. Of course, the 12 or so Winter Cuties weren't enough, and I needed the perfect excuse for another image. You really, really need to check out these awesome cuties over at the Phindy's Place Store and she's adding more and more. I may go broke buying them along with a few other Phindy Phans.

Well, "nite, nite Santa" was that perfect excuse. I looked at that image and knew I needed it, so that I could paper piece the footie pajamas with another of the Sweet Cakes papers. The sentiment on the front was a freebie from Create with TLC, and I used my Cricut and my Make the Cut software to cut out the cupcake(using even more of the papers) and the lettering for the inside message. I added a little white space on the inside left panel for some serviceman or woman to write a message home to their little cupcake. I used some tiny yellow ribbon tied in a bow to keep the card closed.

I absolutely love the way this card turned out and can't wait to do another Google on Fancy Fold tutorials. Thanks for stopping by, and hope you liked my card. I love hearing comments.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Let's Add A Little Dimension

That's Miss Tracy's request for those wishing to participate in the challenge at Sassy Cheryls Challenge Blog this week. It was left to each of us to determine exactly what dimension meant for us. I think I got all my bases covered on this one.

Earlier this week, Cheryl added this image of "Fred and Ginger", the dancing snow couple, and I knew I had to own it. I've colored them with a combination of Prismas and Copics(Prismas where it was too tiny for me to attempt with Copics). My papers are all digital that I printed from Summer Driggs Winter Gifts Kit. I added some French lace across the punched ribbon. To make sure I had the dimension requirement covered. I added glass beads as snow around the dancers and then cut some holly leaves with my Cricut and added baby red buttons for my holly berries. I haven't thought up the perfect sentiment yet, but I think it might make a great anniversary card for a couple with a winter anniversary. What are your suggestions?
Don't forget to go check out the Sassy Cheryl's Store, and just in case you're not into coloring your own image, I should tell you you can also purchase the images already colored by the one and only Sassy Cheryl herself.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Anyone?

It's Anything Halloween this week over on the Tiddly Inks Challenge Blog. The DT has provided some outstanding eye candy and inspiration, so be sure to go and check it out.

On Tuesday, I went to Tuscaloosa to help my niece get Coleman's birth announcements put together. Since there are no LSS stores here, you know I'm not going to where there's both a Hobby Lobby and a Michael's without checking them out and with coupons in hand. I never go into Michaels without checking the $1 stamp bin at the front of the store. Knowing that there was a Halloween Challenge over at the Tiddly Inks Challenge blog, I went looking for some Halloween Sentiment stamps. I found two traditional sentiments right off the bat, but then I picked one up that said "Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun" and knew I had to have it. Then when I got home, I decided to check out the Tiddly Inks Store to see what new images Christy had added. Imagine my surprise when I found this image called Ghoulfriends. I knew it was a sign.
I colored her up with Copics, and she just had to have purple hair. The paper is from KI Memories, and I used my Dripping Goop MS punch to layer some goop and the Inverted Scalloped Circle Spellbinders for some extra dimension and shape. And of course, I used my new sentiment stamp to finish off my Halloween Card. How much fun was this?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Make Something Cute - Card 2

This is my second card for the Make Something Cute challenge at the Phindy's Place Challenge blog this week. I narrowed my second image down to this cutie called Peppermint Perfection. I think the only thing missing is the peppermint drool that would normally be running down his face and all over his jammies. I colored him with Copics. The papers were left over from a paper stack I bought several years ago to make some Christmas invitations years ago, but they were perfect for this image. I cut the candy canes using my MTC software with my Cricut. I found the peppermint font as a freebie on fonts.com and used it to create my sentiment.

Don't know if I'll have time for a third card, but I can assure you it won't be because I can't find a cute image. Don't forget the super sale over at the Phindy's Place Store. I can promise you won't be disappointed.

Make Something Cute

That was the challenge presented to those of us that participate in the Phindy's Place Challenge Blog. Now that might sound difficult to some of you, but if you're talking about starting with a Phindy's Place image, you got cute without even trying. The challenge was to narrow your choices down to 3 images just in case you could actually find the time to make 3 cards before the Thursday night challenge deadline.

Before I get to my card, I have to send you to the Phindy's Place Store, because Phindy's got a sale on Christmas images. Buy a dozen Christmas images, that would normally be $36, and you can get them for $30. There are over a dozen Winter Cuties that you just don't want to miss out on, so go check out the sale.

For my first card, I chose this image called Tasty Flakes. I loved this little girl the first time I saw her. If you were ever a child and exposed to snow(living in the Deep south they were few and far between), I'm betting you did the same thing. She's colored with Copics. I used my snowflakes embossing folder to emboss the first layer on the card. I then used some digital paper that was part of a Holiday Package that I bought from Create with TLC. I also had a snowflake Cuttlebug die and cut several out and layered them and then stickled them to give them some sparkle. The snowflake I used for the base of the sentiment was modified from a freebie from a kit called "Snow Much Fun" offered by ScrappingTable.com. The sentiment is hand written and then covered with white stickles.
That's my first card. Stick around, I'll be blogging my second challenge card shortly. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Invites and Announcements

I love babies, especially little babies. One of the best things about being a member of a large family, there are usually babies. The younger nieces and nephews are now giving us more great nieces and nephews. My niece and nephew(sister and brother) are the latest to get into the baby business. My niece had Coleman almost 4 weeks ago and her brother's wife is expecting Corbin in early January. What's really great about this is that both couples are good friends and the boys will be the same age and will grow up together and probably be as close as brothers.

A month or so ago, I posted the invitation for my niece's shower luncheon. We're giving the niece by marriage a shower in November and my assigned task was to create the invitation and get them in the mail. I dropped them in the mail on my way to finish the birth announcements. I wanted to do something different from the last invitation, but something that would also show that I consider this niece just as special. I found an invitation that had 3 ducks on it and decided that I could use Make the Cut to design a card with the ducks to be cut with my Cricut. I also needed some rubber ducky paper and was fortunate to find Simply Sweet Designs. She had exactly what I was looking for, and her prices were great. The Kit is called Rubber Ducky-Boy and I used the solid blue paper for the outside of the invite and the white background duck paper for the inside.

And now for the birth announcements. I'm so happy to say I've got this project finished too, and I love how they turned out. This time I used the Make the Cut software to design the onsie pattern and the bib. We started out with a blue gingham paper and a blue polka dotted paper from The Paper Studio. However, we couldn't find enough of either and it took a whole sheet of paper, so I went looking for some digital paper to print. When I couldn't find what I wanted, I contacted Paulette with Create with TLC, and she made me 3 different sized polka dotted papers. The bibs were first cut out with the Cricut, then the monogram was printed onto the bib, holes were punched for the ribbon and then the bib was run through the Cuttlebug to give it a dotted swiss pattern and texture.

Assembly required using the Scalloped Oval Spellbinder to cut a hole for Coleman's picture, and then sandwiching the picture between the patterned paper front and the solid white cardstock back. The pictures of Coleman were made by my nephew with Coleman in a basket in their front yard.

Thanks for stopping by. Now I can get back to making some cards for a few challenges. Next week I have another project that I need to get done, but you're just going to have to wait and see what it is. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Paper and Pieces

I really, really do love to sew, especially children's clothes. I haven't been doing much sewing lately since my babies have gotten to big for smocked dresses or button on the shoulder suits. That's about to change since we have a new great nephew and another on the way. In the meantime, the next best thing(and a whole lot faster), is paper piecing on digital images. This week Paper Piecing is the challenge on the Sassy Cheryl Challenge Blog. The DT did an amazing job in getting us inspired, so be sure to check out there cards. I didn't have to go shopping for an image for this challenge, but be sure to check out Sassy Cheryl's store, as she's just added some new images, you don't want to miss.

This image is called Pretty Sassy Cindy, and isn't she just so typical of the average 4 year old little girl? I found the flowered papers in Summer Drigg's Sweet Springtime Kit and is called Pink Flowers. The wonderful thing about printable paper is that you can make it small enough that the flowers aren't "too big" a print for the dress. I love these high waisted dresses on little girls. The rest of her is colored with Copics. The sketch is one I found on Kathy's Waffle Sketch File. The other patterned papers are also from Summer Drigg's Springtime Kit, and the Polka Dotted Paper is from her Winter Gifts kit. The sentiment is from Create with TLC and perfect for Pretty Sassy Cindy.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Trading Cards?

OK, when you say trading cards to me, I think baseball, football, etc. You know the kind that used to come in package with a flat piece of gum. However, instead of a trading card with a picture of some sports person, the challenge over on the Tiddly Inks Challenge Blog is to create your own TINY 2.5" x 3.5" (trading card official size) card using a Tiddly Inks Image. I just thought it was difficult paring the images down and coloring them to fit on an A2 card. Now we're talking minute images(in terms of coloring) to fit on a card this size and have room left for some added embellies. I have to say that my faster than the speed of light mode does not go well when working with TINY things.LOL However, when you make one, you think, it's so small and lonely or this isn't the greatest and before you know it, you've made several. One thing is for sure, it gave me a chance to use several of Tiddly Inks images and even to do a little shopping over at her store. Oh and be sure to check out What's New in October, because she has created the absolute cutest images that are perfect for Boss' Week along with a computer geek girl and a soccer boy.

So without further ado, here are the cards I created. Needless to say, everything is colored with Copics. The first ATC is using the Tiddly Ink Image, Ellie. I think she was a freebie. The striped paper is from Summer Driggs' Truth Kit. The Happy Birthday ribbon is some I picked up from a bin somewhere and on sale. I used a Cuttlebug snowflake diecut for the stars that I colored with my Spicas to add a bit of zing.

I have to say my personal favorite is the cow themed one, since you all know Smoochie is perhaps one of my favorite images. She just makes me smile every time I see her. I found the cowprint HERE and copied and pasted it into word. It was the perfect size(just bigger than the card itself) to use with little or no waste of paper. The red polka-dotted paper was leftover and on my cutting table(I haven't cleaned up in a week or so). Oh and I added some Paper Glaze to her lips to give her a glossy look.

My next card uses the image Bo and my background paper is also from the Tiddly Inks store. This paper was inspired by a picture done by Christy's daughter and when you buy the paper, it comes in about 6 different colors as well as a digi image for coloring. I carefully cut Bo out, mounted him on the Spellbinder Scalloped Oval circle, glued on the balloons and then drew the strings connecting them.

My final card is using the flower freebie image that Christy provided early in her PCP days. Again the paper is some that was laying on my cutting table, so I have no idea where it's from. I'm pretty sure it's some I printed though. I sponged around the image to make it stand out a bit from the background. I finished up with some twine and a LOVE charm and some of my Bella Baubles

I have to admit that this challenge was definitely out of my comfort zone, but was totally fun to do. That said, I don't see me getting into the ATC swap mode. I don't have enough hours in the day now.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great day.

Thank you Cec, for the helpful tidbit on handling Blogger. I'm happy now.

Monday, October 4, 2010

It's All Downhill

I told you all I loved the sketch that Anne-Marije provided this week for the Phindy's Place Challenge Blog. I had ideas for multiple cards on this one, and of course, my HUGE collection of Winter Cuties from the Phindy's Place Store is only adding fuel to the creative fires.

Our family's idea of a vacation is a trip to Colorado in February for a week of snow skiing. Last year, our grandson turned 3, and so he took his first ski lessons. Needless to say, this image called Big Hill reminded me of MonkeyMoo on the baby hill. She's colored with Copics. The DP is from Create with TLC's Christmas selection. I used my snowflake embossing folders to make my snowball hill. I knew the sentiment I wanted to use, so I went to Photoshop elements to create it. Finally I used my MTC software and my Cricut to cut the mittens out.
I'm already looking forward to February and MonkeyMoos season number 2. Hopefully this
year, he'll actually make it up on the mountain and off the baby hill.
Glad to see you stopping in.

It's a Sketch

This week on the Phindy's Place Challenge Blog, Anne-Marije delivered a sketch for us to work with. I am constantly amazed that one sketch can be turned into so many cards, that look so different. I also love working with sketches, and after not being able to participate in the last couple of challenges, I was so in on this one. I love this sketch because it's so versatile, and I've already done two cards with it. No question of what images to use, I am so into the Winter Cuties. Check them out at the Phindy's Place Store.

For my first card for the challenge, I chose this adorable image called Miss Chrissy Tree. I colored her with my Copics finishing up the ornaments with my Spicas. The papers was left over from Christmas Open House invitations a few years back. The Gingerbread men were the border of the paper and were perfect for my center trip. I decided that since she was looking like a Christmas tree, I'd use my Cricut and MTC software to cut the image in the shape of a Christmas tree. I also cut the poinsettas from a free svg file that I got from My Cricut Scrapbooking. The sentiment is courtesy of Create with TLC.

Thanks for stopping by. I have a second card just waiting to be blogged.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Crackle Me This?

Tiddly Inks Challenge Blog this week asked that you create a project using Diamond Glaze and/or Crackle Paper. Christy even has a freebie crackle paper on her PCP site, you might want to add to your collection. I did a google on crackle paint on paper and found a tutorial HERE that showed how to make your own crackle paper using Elmer's glue and acrylic paint. Instead of the Elmer's, I used Allene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue, and it worked just fine. Then it was off to my Tiddly Inks digi folder to pick and image. I settled on this image called Every Day Princess. Since I'd decided to go with green and orange, what better color to color her hair than orange. Who knew I was also using the colors for the Copic Creations challenge,this week. You can't tell but her skirt, her crown and scepter are colored over with my Spicas, to add a glitter effect. I even used some diamond glaze on the jewels.

The DP paper is from Summer Briggs Dreamcicle Kit. What better sentiment for this image than Princess.
Be sure to go check out the Tiddly Inks store. Christy has added some new images and new papers. My file of images is growing rapidly. I just need more crafting time.
Thanks for stopping by, and if you've got a second, I'd love to hear from you.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Can You Really Have a Favorite?

That's the question for me today. This week on the Sassy Cheryls Challenge Blog ,we were to create a card using our favorite image. Well I have a whole folder full of favorite images, and if you go check out Sassy Cheryls Store, you'll see just what I'm talking about. I've had this dancer image called Grace for a while, and I've been wanting to use it. Today I have the perfect excuse. This week is my friend, Susan's 60th birthday. She and I go WAYYYYYYYY back. She's the first person I tried to spend the night away from home with. Notice, I said tried. We were in the 2nd grade, and I didn't make it. Her dad had to take me home at 2:30 in the morning. Now she's my line dancing buddy, so she's all about grace.

I colored the image with my Copics and followed a sketch from the Fussy and Friday Challenge Blog. There's a color challenge using purple, green and black on the Digital Delights Challenge blog, and those colors totally appealed to me. Papers are ones I had on hand. The sentiment is from Shannon Hebert. I made the flowers by coloing some sheer ribbon with my copics and then gathering it to make the flower.
It feels good to be back crafting. I've been busy with entertaining and haven't made a card in two weeks. I've really missed it.
Thanks for stopping by.