Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What's Up This Week With Show Me Thursday

Well, I have to say that with SCAMP over, you would have thought life would be uneventful and back to routine. My husband wanted to know when things were going to be back to normal? My question is what is normal, because its for sure I don't have a clue.

Tuesday afternoon I babysat baby Charles. He and I took a two hour nap with him laying on my chest. Since it was  just him and me, I don't have a picture of that.

Then on Thursday it was a marathon day of babysitting. I picked Coleman up from pre-school and kept him the rest of the day. His Mom and Dad delivered Lucy Ann to me around 6:30 on their way to the MSU football game. This is a picture of Lucy Ann eating grape tomatoes and a grilled cheese(she's only 10 months old).

When her parents came to pick her up, I asked if she had a costume for Lucy Ann for Halloween. She was going to make her a Pumpkin costume. I have been keeping my nephew's Halloween costume since he was one year old, and asked her if she'd like to borrow it. Her fear was that it would be like everyone else's pumpkin costume, but I assured her that with the costume being 26 years old, there was no threat of that. So here she is in her pumpkin suit. She didn't care for the head piece at all.

Friday was spent making cowboy chaps for great nephew Corbin for his Halloween costume. The first pair I made was for my great nephew Robert 21 years ago for cowboy week at his pre-school. Coleman is attending the same pre-school, so I'll be making a pair for him before February. Here's Corbin in his regalia.

When we delivered the chaps to Tupelo, we made a stop by Harbor Freight. Terri, one of the SCAMPers brought us all these neat needle nose pliers that she had gotten from HF. I stopped and picked up some more needle nose pliers along with some other small wire cutters. I have to buy multiples since my DH seems to walk off with mine every time I buy them.

That's my week.   So what have you got going on in your life this week? You never know you might win a free image from the infamous Mz Sassy Cheryl. Just post a photo of what you have going on, on the Sassy Cheryl's Blog site.  In the meantime, I'm going to work on getting back to normal(if you know me, you know that saying normal is about as close as it gets).

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A SCAMP Show Me Thursday

SCAMP in case your wondering is my name for Sassy Camp. Last year a bunch of us that belong to the PCP Sassy Cheryl's Group gathered  for a week in Columbus(my hometown), MS. We stayed on Tibbee Creek at our Camphouse and crafted in Tazmania. We had such a great time we decided to repeat the event. This year was even better than last year, and one of the reasons was that the infamous Sassy Cheryl, herself, was among the campers.

This year several of us brought a project to do with the rest of the group, but we also included some different non-crafting activities. You could participate in what you wanted to.

The first activity was to expose the girls to the use of Heat Transfrer Vinyl and Hot Fix Rhinestones. One of our nightly activities the first year was to watch Jeanne Robertson videos. One of those videos talked about the person who  helps Jeanne pick her suits out, and everything was FAB U LOUS. Anna saw a t-shirt in the Birmingham Airport that had Fabulous done in glitter vinyl. Instead of doing t-shirts that some of us might not ever wear, Anna found these great aprons. I added the rhinestone Sassy template from the Silhouette Online Store. Anna let everyone pick there aprons and colors of vinyl and rhinestones early in the prep, but didn't tell any of them what we were making, nor what they were picking colors for, until we started the project. So here are the Scampers in our Fabulous and Sassy aprons. Notice that Cheryl is the different one in the bunch.

One of my favorite things to do is to get up early and go kayaking on Tibbee Creek. Fortunately for me  Anna and Cheryl, liked it too. The second morning we kayaked it was extremely foggy so it was  a very spooky Halloween type of morning.  Here are pictures from that morning. 

Judy is the Queen of trees, so when we saw this tree, we knew it would make a perfect diecut for her Cameo. All I did was bring the shot into my Silhouette software and do a trace on it.

On Wednesday, Terri brought all the parts for us to make a frame for a group shot of us Scampers. I still have to add my flowers(just temporarily added for the picture) to my frame, but I can't wait to add a photo of the seven of us, and plan on hanging it either in my office or at the Camphouse.

Thursday morning, Judy gave us another coloring lesson with the Prismas. We made a card like her last week's Challenge card. Here are all of the cards that were made, and then a solo shot of my card.  She also had us make a great card with diecut trees and a sled, but I'm going to hope someone else posts it.

After lunch on Wednesday we decided to get a  little exercise. We went down the road about 3 miles to the Plymouth Bluff Recreational Area, where they have two 2 mile trails. This shot is one of Anna and Cheryl up on a tree. Both trees in the shot are off the ground. Can you tell who is the adult in this picture?

My BIL has a trail riding business, so after the walk, DH and I took Ann, Cheryl and Anna to his barn and let them get in a little horseback riding. They didn't do the trail this year. Think that might be on the agenda for next year.

Ab trotting with Ann

Anna on Briggen, Ann on Ab and Cheryl onStrawberry
On Saturday I took them to Waverly Plantation for a tour of an antebellum home(built prior to the Civil War). The architecture is pretty impressive, but what makes this a fun tour, is the story of the home itself. It literally set empty and open for 50 years. Of 716 hand turned mahogany spindles on the stair cases and around each floor(house is open in the center from the ballroom in the center of the house upwards 65 feet to the octagon shaped cupola) only 1 was broken. Two 12 foot gold pier mirrors were still in the ballroom along with a giant gold mirror over the mantle in the parlor(all undamaged). All of the glass gasoliers were still in place and unbroken. It was a party house, and I know because my father talked about going and partying there when he was a young adult. Of course, it's filled with some impressive antiques. The magnolia tree is estimated to be between 250 and 300 years old and the largest in the state of Mississippi.

And finally a shot of us the last day of SCAMP on the side of Tazmania. I have to say, I can hardly wait until next year. Oh and I promise you I had more than one shirt. It just seemed that I had it on in every group shot.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Thank You! Thank You! For Anything Goes

It truly has been six weeks I think since I've participated in a Sassy Cheryls Challenge, because I've been working on updating and redoing my house. Finding crafting time for cards hasn't been in the mill, since I've been busy crafting house decor.

Thankfully this week's challenge is Anything Goes, and it worked perfectly for some crafting I needed to do.  I am so excited that Sassy Cheryl has added pre-colored images back to the store. The reason is that I can now make the most adorable T-shirts using a pre-colored image and the Silhouette Heat Printable Transfer Vinyl.

Silhouette makes two printable vinyls. One is for light fabric(READ WHITE for light) and one for dark fabric. When you use the light you reverse the image and peel off the negative and it leaves a backing top side. When you use the dark, you don't reverse the image and you peel up your image(this one's a little trickier since it's not sticking to a backing so has a tendency to curl on you. Just make sure that you follow the instructions on the package.

So my first shirt is for my great niece Lucy Ann. When Sassy Cheryl came out with this image called Maddie's Prized Pumpkin, I knew that it had to be on a shirt for LA. She has the most amazing red hair, and I found this lime green shirt(I should have used the for dark fabric for this one) that will be perfect. Now I need to find some coordinating striped leggings, and this outfit will go through the fall.

Sassy Cheryl's just released this new snowman image called Admiring the Star. Since I purchased a white shirt with the Lime Green, I decided this would be a perfect winter shirt image. Now I need to find some leggings to go with this one. Again, this one can actually go through the winter and not just for Christmas.

Finally I have had two white t-shirts to do Christmas shirts for my grandson and my great grandson. This time I used two of Sassy Cheryl's images colored images that I actually purchased a long time ago. Combined they make a fantastic Christmas shirt.

With these colored images and the printable heat transfer vinyl, the world is open to creating one of a kind clothing for your children and grandchildren. You'll have people asking where you found those shirts, and you just get to grin and say "I made it myself."

Now for some exciting news. There's going to be a Sassy Cheryls Winter Holiday Blog Hop with prizes. Check it out!
Next Tuesday, October 8th starting at 6:00 a.m. EST 
Sassy Cheryl's is releasing 
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