Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What's Up This Week With Show Me Thursday

Well, I have to say that with SCAMP over, you would have thought life would be uneventful and back to routine. My husband wanted to know when things were going to be back to normal? My question is what is normal, because its for sure I don't have a clue.

Tuesday afternoon I babysat baby Charles. He and I took a two hour nap with him laying on my chest. Since it was  just him and me, I don't have a picture of that.

Then on Thursday it was a marathon day of babysitting. I picked Coleman up from pre-school and kept him the rest of the day. His Mom and Dad delivered Lucy Ann to me around 6:30 on their way to the MSU football game. This is a picture of Lucy Ann eating grape tomatoes and a grilled cheese(she's only 10 months old).

When her parents came to pick her up, I asked if she had a costume for Lucy Ann for Halloween. She was going to make her a Pumpkin costume. I have been keeping my nephew's Halloween costume since he was one year old, and asked her if she'd like to borrow it. Her fear was that it would be like everyone else's pumpkin costume, but I assured her that with the costume being 26 years old, there was no threat of that. So here she is in her pumpkin suit. She didn't care for the head piece at all.

Friday was spent making cowboy chaps for great nephew Corbin for his Halloween costume. The first pair I made was for my great nephew Robert 21 years ago for cowboy week at his pre-school. Coleman is attending the same pre-school, so I'll be making a pair for him before February. Here's Corbin in his regalia.

When we delivered the chaps to Tupelo, we made a stop by Harbor Freight. Terri, one of the SCAMPers brought us all these neat needle nose pliers that she had gotten from HF. I stopped and picked up some more needle nose pliers along with some other small wire cutters. I have to buy multiples since my DH seems to walk off with mine every time I buy them.

That's my week.   So what have you got going on in your life this week? You never know you might win a free image from the infamous Mz Sassy Cheryl. Just post a photo of what you have going on, on the Sassy Cheryl's Blog site.  In the meantime, I'm going to work on getting back to normal(if you know me, you know that saying normal is about as close as it gets).


  1. LOL. . . .Yes, please, if you find out what normal is, let me know. I haven't figured it out either. :)
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photos and that costume along with the chaps are over the top cute!!! You did a FAB job!
    Tell Charles to keep his paws off of those pliers, or someone just may take a whip to him. LMBO BIG time!
    Thanks for joining us in the Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Thursday fun!!

  2. great post~ the Halloween costumes are so cute! How special you must be to all your family and friends that you always are there to help out.

  3. Love the photos of the kids and the chaps are fabulous. What a great haul of tools from HF and I hope you can keep them from walking off with your DH. I am fortunate that my DH comes home from work every so often with a pair of needle nose pliers or side cutters in his back pocket and before he can take them back to work, they magically disappear into my craft room :)

  4. Great too see some pics of the kids and their costumes! =) Sounds like you had a great week! =)
    Hugs, Elenor