Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A SCAMP Show Me Thursday

SCAMP in case your wondering is my name for Sassy Camp. Last year a bunch of us that belong to the PCP Sassy Cheryl's Group gathered  for a week in Columbus(my hometown), MS. We stayed on Tibbee Creek at our Camphouse and crafted in Tazmania. We had such a great time we decided to repeat the event. This year was even better than last year, and one of the reasons was that the infamous Sassy Cheryl, herself, was among the campers.

This year several of us brought a project to do with the rest of the group, but we also included some different non-crafting activities. You could participate in what you wanted to.

The first activity was to expose the girls to the use of Heat Transfrer Vinyl and Hot Fix Rhinestones. One of our nightly activities the first year was to watch Jeanne Robertson videos. One of those videos talked about the person who  helps Jeanne pick her suits out, and everything was FAB U LOUS. Anna saw a t-shirt in the Birmingham Airport that had Fabulous done in glitter vinyl. Instead of doing t-shirts that some of us might not ever wear, Anna found these great aprons. I added the rhinestone Sassy template from the Silhouette Online Store. Anna let everyone pick there aprons and colors of vinyl and rhinestones early in the prep, but didn't tell any of them what we were making, nor what they were picking colors for, until we started the project. So here are the Scampers in our Fabulous and Sassy aprons. Notice that Cheryl is the different one in the bunch.

One of my favorite things to do is to get up early and go kayaking on Tibbee Creek. Fortunately for me  Anna and Cheryl, liked it too. The second morning we kayaked it was extremely foggy so it was  a very spooky Halloween type of morning.  Here are pictures from that morning. 

Judy is the Queen of trees, so when we saw this tree, we knew it would make a perfect diecut for her Cameo. All I did was bring the shot into my Silhouette software and do a trace on it.

On Wednesday, Terri brought all the parts for us to make a frame for a group shot of us Scampers. I still have to add my flowers(just temporarily added for the picture) to my frame, but I can't wait to add a photo of the seven of us, and plan on hanging it either in my office or at the Camphouse.

Thursday morning, Judy gave us another coloring lesson with the Prismas. We made a card like her last week's Challenge card. Here are all of the cards that were made, and then a solo shot of my card.  She also had us make a great card with diecut trees and a sled, but I'm going to hope someone else posts it.

After lunch on Wednesday we decided to get a  little exercise. We went down the road about 3 miles to the Plymouth Bluff Recreational Area, where they have two 2 mile trails. This shot is one of Anna and Cheryl up on a tree. Both trees in the shot are off the ground. Can you tell who is the adult in this picture?

My BIL has a trail riding business, so after the walk, DH and I took Ann, Cheryl and Anna to his barn and let them get in a little horseback riding. They didn't do the trail this year. Think that might be on the agenda for next year.

Ab trotting with Ann

Anna on Briggen, Ann on Ab and Cheryl onStrawberry
On Saturday I took them to Waverly Plantation for a tour of an antebellum home(built prior to the Civil War). The architecture is pretty impressive, but what makes this a fun tour, is the story of the home itself. It literally set empty and open for 50 years. Of 716 hand turned mahogany spindles on the stair cases and around each floor(house is open in the center from the ballroom in the center of the house upwards 65 feet to the octagon shaped cupola) only 1 was broken. Two 12 foot gold pier mirrors were still in the ballroom along with a giant gold mirror over the mantle in the parlor(all undamaged). All of the glass gasoliers were still in place and unbroken. It was a party house, and I know because my father talked about going and partying there when he was a young adult. Of course, it's filled with some impressive antiques. The magnolia tree is estimated to be between 250 and 300 years old and the largest in the state of Mississippi.

And finally a shot of us the last day of SCAMP on the side of Tazmania. I have to say, I can hardly wait until next year. Oh and I promise you I had more than one shirt. It just seemed that I had it on in every group shot.


  1. Fabulous recap of the week! Boy, what fun! I've been Silhouetting all day-making a diaper cake and using so much of what you taught me! Super post, my friend!

  2. Oh My Gosh Shirley! this is an awesome recap of our adventures for the week! Oh What fun!!!!!!
    looking forward to what we might come up with for next year!
    I have a fun idea that the gals might like to do already! how's that for starting way ahead:)
    I love seeing all the pictures!
    hugs my friend!
    thanks for being the hostess with the mostess!

  3. You ladies had quite a week at Sassy Camp. The pictures are great. I have to say I do love those of the foggy morning. Those are awesome. Imagine a week of fun with you crazy talented ladies. Congratulations Shirley, looks like you hosted a spectacular week for everyone.

  4. Wow - soooooooooooooo wish I could have been there - looks fab...glad you had a great time

  5. I had a BLAST!!!!! Is it time to come back again? :)
    I agree with Judy. . .what a great recap of the week. Tons of fun and Lots and lots of great memories.
    Thanks for joining us in the Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Thursday fun!!

  6. Great photos and sharing of what scamp was like. We did have a darn good time and hope it continues to be a tradition!
    Shirley and Charles are the perfect hostess'. Poor Charles putting up with 7 women, our girlie talk and barging in for our lunchbreak!!! lol~