Thursday, April 21, 2011

Write This Show Me Down in the Book

Yep, it's Thursday, and I'm actually blogging and posting my workspace. You better write it down, because the chance of it happening again are slim to none, leaning heavy on none. If you've stumbled on my blog and wonder what I'm talking about let me explain. Each week nosey Sassy Cheryl sponsors a challenge on her Sassy Cheryl's Blog to show the rest of us nosey Sassettes(thank you Linda for the name) what's going on in our crafting space, or kitchen or yard or wherever we're working at the time. For being willing to share, you have a chance to win a free Sassy Cheryls' image from the Sassy Cheryl Store. The way I look at it, it's a Win, Win. After all who doesn't like being nosey, and who wouldn't want one of Sassy Cheryls delightful images. There's definitely something for everyone.

So here's my workspace this Thursday night. I really had planned on working on a challenge card that had to be done today. However, due to bad weather and a friend's computer getting fried, I had to forego the crafting hat and the crafting to put on my technical funnel(Do you remember Tom Terrific from Captain Kangaroo?). I had my image and my papers all picked out. I had my sketch book out trying to decide on a layout. It's all moot now, as I've run out of time.

Check back next week and hopefully I'll have something really creative going on.


  1. First off, I do remember Tom Terrific on Captain Kangaroo. I remember watching that show ALL the time. I think mainly, b/c at that time it was the only channel we got. :)
    Loving your little 'snippet' of a space this week, but sorry that you had to give up your crafting hat for your technical funnel, but it's nice that you were helping out your friend.
    Thanks for calling me 'nosey'. :) Like YOU aren't.

  2. Ok i remember Captain kangaroo but the other guy not.well i love to come take peaks at your studio love to see what your working on.sorry you didnt get in coloring done

  3. What a dear friend you are! I can see you in that pointed little Tom Terrific Hat! Sorry you didn't get any coloring time in this week. But you sure did get some sewing time in GF and he pics on my blog will prove it! Love you and thanks again soooooo very much. Linda

  4. Oh my, I will have to google Tom Terrific now. I watched Capt Kangaroo all of the time. Sorry about missing your day of crafting! Thanks for sharing, Shirley.

  5. I must be missing out, I did not watch much TV when I was young. Love the story though...Tootsie