Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SMT #64

I'm squeezing this post in just under the wire. It's my Show Me Thursday for the Sassy Cheryl's Blog. I never miss a chance for a free image.

For the past couple of weeks, I've been working on changing a sewing machine table into a table with shelves on which to set my Big Shot Pro and have a place for my embossing folders and die cuts. A couple of weeks ago, I showed a picture of the sewing machine table. I'm not posting a pic of the completed project however until I've decoratively painted the table. So this week, I've been practicing Donna Dewberry's one stroke painting techniques. I'm not sure but my first efforts may be better than my latest. I'm not touching paint to furniture, until I'm a whole lot better at doing something besides leaves and roses. I for sure have to conquer the stems and vines(mine look like tree stumps).

Also, I just received my new Kindle Fire, so it's the second thing I've got going on(trying to figure it out).

Better get this posted while I can still get in to Mr. Linksy.


  1. Great painting so far Shirley!! That technique has always amazed me. ~jeni :)

  2. Shirley i think your painting is little short of amazing .I also like your new kindle fire hae fun getting to know it.

  3. The painting is awesome. You have a few leaves in there that are perfect, but yeah, the stems are kinda looking like you swiped it with a paint brush. You'll get it though. WAYYYY better than I could do. I'm just SO not a painter. I've been thinking about getting the kiddos a Kindle Fire. A lot cheaper than the Ipad.