Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's a Family SMT This Week at Sassy Cheryl's Blog

Sassy Cheryl had a two week SMT this week due to her son graduating from High School. She did say we could post each week and get a double entry. Winners get a free Sassy Cheryl image, and whether you win an image or not, if you'll blog hop the entrants you'll get the chance for winning in another form, friends, ideas and beautiful scenery. So  hop on over to Sassy Cheryl's Blog and get in on the fun.

This week I'm sharing what's been going on with MM this week. One of the things his DM has insisted from the time of his birth is that he would know his Mississippi family. To that end, she and her DH have been bringing MM home regularly since he was two months old.

This summer we've been making sure that MM is getting to know his 2nd cousins that are closest to him in age. Our niece on my DH's side came down Saturday with Coleman, her 21 month old and DD, MM, my niece and Coleman went to see our niece that gave birth to DH's namesake in May. So here are pictures of some of the younger 2nd cousins. DD was supposed to get a picture of MM holding Charles, but she said none of them were cooperative, so it was a rug shot.

Then late Saturday afternoon, MM and Coleman went jumping on MM's trampoline. The funniest thing was Coleman trying to escape from the inside of the trampoline net. Once out, he wanted right back in.

Then yesterday, I took MM to Tupelo, as one of the nieces on my side of the family has a son that is 9 months older than MM and then had a second baby almost two weeks ago. I got to spend some time holding the newest member of the McLemore clan and then took MM, and his cousin, Brayden out to lunch and then to see Madagascar 3 in 3D. I figured out real quick that shopping with two in booster seats that had to have help with the seat belts wasn't a good plan in 90* temps.  My sister and my niece informed me that baby Brycen wasn't sleeping, but I'd say he's pretty much out cold in this shot.

This was shot was funny because I had asked MM and Brayden where they wanted to eat lunch and the both did the shoulder shrug at the same time.

And finally this is a picture of the three boys taken right before MM and I left for home.


  1. These pics are all FABULOUS Shirley! What a sweet and energetic bunch of young-uns! Certainly glad that they are there and not here though. :). Just got mine graduated. . . . I need a little break. LOL!
    Brayden looks like he had been running around in the 2nd photo as his bangs look a little separated and 'wet'.
    You have your work cut out for the summer, that's for sure!
    Thanks for sharing this week girlie! Always fun! And certainly puts a smile on my face!

  2. oh shirley you know I am a sucker for those MM and baby pictures!!! they are all gorgeous and it sounds like you have all been having so much fun!
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  3. Lotsof new growth going on in your family? Family is where It is. Glad MM is getting to know his. Hugs

  4. What a darling expession on MM's face. I assume the other boy is Bryce's brother? Thehy are adorable. Yep. looks like he was sound asleep to me too LOL.