Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hats and Mittens

It's all about sewing this week for the Show Me Thursday Challenge on Sassy Cheryl's Blog. Last week I showed you a pair of mittens I had made for Cec's granddaughter. Well since then, I've made 3 more pairs of mittens. Then I went looking for a hat, found the most wonderful pattern that goes together like a dream and has a video tutorial to go with it.

I have a hot pink fleece jacket that I walk in, and I've been wearing a blue striped toboggan with black mittens. Needless to say add a lime green fluorescent walking vest, ane I'm making the totally wrong fashion statement. This picture is of my new hat and mittens with my jacket.

My walking buddy has a camouflage jacket that she walks in with an orange hunting vest. We want to make sure that the cars see us on the road. Her birthday was Friday so I made her a camouflage hat and mittens lined in hunter orange fleece. She's delighted that she's now matching.

The fleece mitten pattern can be found at Fleece Fun. I changed the pattern in two ways. First I took the curved sides out the top of the mitten(I wanted to be sewing straight when I was sewing the inside mitten to the outside mitten. Be sure to do the same thing for the back side of the mitten.

The second thing I did was to cut one mitten  a 1/4 inch larger or smaller than the mitten. For the children's mitten pattern, I cut the outside mitten larger and for the adult mitten, I cut the inside pattern smaller. Hope that makes sense.

The hat pattern is from The Crafty Gemini.  This is a LINK to both the pattern and the tutorial. I promise this hat went together as well as anything I've ever sewn, and the tutorial is excellent.


  1. oooh they are fabulous shirley, you are so clever hunny,I love the camo ones!!
    huge hugs to you my lovely
    Lou xxx

  2. Oh wow Shirley, I love them both! Love the red, but the camouflage is really cool, and what a great gift for your WB! And you're right, even though I don't sew anymore, I used to and the pattern does look fairly simple. And I could just hear you saying. . . 'it goes together like a dream." Totally cracked me up!
    Thanks for sharing this week. Love it ALL!

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  4. Shirley, love your mittens and hats and the fact you shared the patterns :) Your idea of going together like a dream would probably not be mine, as I am a hands on learner, but I may still have to try LOL. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow, you have been a busy lady, Shirley! These are adorable and I bet they are cozy.

  6. Shirley those mitten and hat sets are fab ,whoever gets those will be very blessed .xx

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