Thursday, July 1, 2010

TazMania Today

Welcome to TazMania and come on in for a tour. This is what it looks like as you walk in. Oh and would you mind taking off your shoes? You know those hours and hours I spent varnishing the floor have made me a bit anal about taking care of it. The left side of the room is set up with my neighbor's scrapbooking stuff. She's working on scrapbooks for 7 grandchildren and it's going really slow. The back of the room is my sewing area and the door in the back on the right isn't to the bathroom(for that I have to go back to the house). The building isn't anywhere near the septic tank.
To the left, when you enter and not visible from entry is my entertainment center. I have my TV with satellite, my stereo, my Wii and my exercise videos. I also have a plastic shoe tray for you to leave your shoes, and help yourself to some dusting houseshoes.

This is my sewing corner. The red doors are hinged together and can be pulled out and opened up to block off the area.
This is a picture of my ribbon rack located in the sewing area. It's a canned goods storage rack I purchased from Lowe's and it's perfect for the ribbons.
This is the completed cedar storage cabinet. My fabric and lace stash is stored inside and protected both from light and bugs.
This is my Christmas closet. On the shelves to the right are all my Frick and Frack(DH's name for Fitz and Floyd) serving pieces and the boxes on the left are filled with decorations.
You're looking at my main storage wall. I think my two cabinets turned out pretty darn good. The one on the left has my Cuttlebug, embossing folders, Spellbinders, Cricut cartridges and extra tape. The one on the right is filled with boxes of pictures, cardstock and colored paper(that was given to me and I never turn down free paper). I bought the paper racks from a scrapbooking store that was trying to upgrade their storage system. I just need to figure a better organization of my pictures. You can get a glimpse of the bowling alley table and under it storage boxes that contain either rubber stamps or scrapbook memorabilia.
And finally we're back to the front where what used to be my office desk and is now my Cricut/Printer/Computer area. It' s not a Cricut cake, it's a red Cricut that I got on Black Friday last year(the one and only time I've ever gone shopping on Black Friday at 5:30 in the morning). DH just recently built the punch shelf for me and then I found a clear shoe holder that's perfect for my corner punches.

Hope you've enjoyed the tour and would love to have you come and play with me making cards anytime you want. You're welcome anytime.


  1. What a fabulous crafting space you have made. You have so much room to spread out. I love the ribbon rack. I saw a neat way to store the MS punches on another blog - a towel rack. Now if only I could get my dh to let me put more holes in the walls to hang it:)

  2. Shirley!!! I know jealousy is a sin....but I am. Your're a lucky girl :) WOW! Happy Crafting ~jeni :)

  3. What an incredible space - you did a fantastic planning job on this....I'm still open to being adopted by the way - giggle.

  4. WOW!!! This is AWESOME. So where did you house all of this stuff before?Moving day must have been an event. So very happy for you, my friend-this is fabulous!!!

  5. Oh, yeah-put tennis balls on the bottom of your chairs to protect those gorgeous floors!