Thursday, December 2, 2010

Show Me Thursday #4

It's that time of week where Sassy Cheryl wants to snoop and see what you're working on. I figure I'll show you my mess for a chance at a free Sassy Cheryl image. All you have to do is post a picture of your workspace and what you're working on. It doesn't have to be a Sassy image either. She just wants to give us all an opportunity to snoop in each other's space.

This first shot is my table space in TazMania. I'm taking a Copic Class online, so that's what I'm working on in my space. If you look, you'll see my compressor that I purchased for my birthday. Unlike Cathy, I don't need a pet to get good gifts. As long as I have the debit card, I'm good.

The second shot is my other crafting space. As most of you know, I print a lot of my papers that I use, so here's a shot of my office space. This used to be my sewing room in the house, so when I moved the sewing stuff to TM, I converted this space into my office. I now have a window that I can see out of while I'm working. If you'll look to the right of my printer, you'll see several bottles of ink. This is my CISS(Continuous Ink Supply System). This is something that an English friend, thanks Paula, put me onto and has saved me more dollars in ink than you can imagine. This setup is the equivalent of 6 sets of cartridges and it cost the equivalent of one set of ink cartridges. Now when I need more ink, I just add to the bottles(ink alone is even cheaper). It's become one of my favorite tools.

Barbara, the pic over my desk is the view of the ocean from a bluff in Encinitas.

So that's my space for this week. Don't forget to post yours and then link it to the Mr. Linky at Sassy Cheryls Blog. I'm looking forward to nosing around in your space.


  1. Your space looks like mine this week Shirley! Lol I love how you have a picture in picture thing going on with your lap top pic of your room. ~jeni :)

  2. Wow. You've been busy too, haven't you! I love your office space. I'm SO looking forward to Christmas this year. New furniture for my office. Can't decide between black or white though.
    Thanks for sharing again this week, Shirley!

  3. How's the online Copic Class going? I thought about taking one, but didn't do it. It must be working, your coloring is gorgeous.

  4. Shirley, well you are right, I am not the only messy one around...LOL the only thing mine is a mess a lot and I have a designer trash can and you don't ROFLOL

  5. I love the set up of your craft area! My desk is a mess and I will have to show that soon!
    Jodi =)

  6. Great space.. You'll love that compressor!!!

  7. Nice spot! Love the window beside your desk, it must feel very nice having all that light coming from the window. I will look for the CISS system, sounds interesting.

    Have a great day!