Thursday, December 9, 2010

Show Me Thursday #5

It's Thursday again and Show Me Thursday on Sassy Cheryls Blog. For showing off your workspace and entering your space into Mr. Linky, you have a chance of winning a free Sassy Cheryls image of your choice. Sounds like a win-win to me. Now I normally post a disaster area.
Surprisingly this week I think I'm going to disappoint you all today. My work space is rather blah(at least for me). I actually cleaned up a bit last night after I finished making a couple of cards.

On Sunday, I had my Copics box propped on a tray at an angle. I shook the table when I was putting something through my Cuttlebug. The box flipped over and Copics went everywhere. The funny thing is that I knew this was going to happen and I'd asked my hubby the night before if he could build me a stand. When I asked, it was 8 at night, he said "NOW?" I said no, when I should have said YES. So immediately after the disaster, DH built me a stand to sit the box on so that now I can see the tops of the Copics while sitting, but don't have to fear the box flipping over either. As a safety precaution, I added some velcro staps to the back just in case. Thank goodness for handy husbands and velcro.


  1. Oh Shirley, what an awful mishap!! I think I would be so upset at myself for this flipping over.. what a great hubby you have to create something fast for you!! Great photo though!!
    Thanks for sharing your space at Sassy Cheryl's!
    Jodi =)

  2. Oh, how cool is that!!!!!!!! What a great husband you have! Very clever too! Smart guy. . .and quick too!
    I have to admit though, I like the Copics all over the table. Looks like you were really 'going at' the coloring. :)
    Thanks for showing your, as you call it, 'blah' space this week.

  3. Oh wow! what a neat space after the Copic mishap Shirley. Your husband did good. The Copics all over the table looks like my table is 90% of the time....LOL

  4. Oh I can just feel your pain! Your hubby is a real dear. I can't believe how fast he built your stand. Take good care of that one, he's a keeper.

  5. Drooling over your Copics Shirley!!! What a sweet hubby to come to your rescue <3 ~jeni :)

  6. I like the crate! And the velcro is very smart. I'm hoping that after christmas I might have to upgrade to a bigger box :D

  7. Shirley your desk is just to clean and oh my gosh copics all over, better those then glitter.LOL!!!

  8. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....Girl...I SO understand the disaster!!! LOL I know I've been there before!!! ;) I LOVE the stand your hubbs made!!! It's PERFECT!!!!! I love how you've done your crate and the holers....VERY clever!!!!

    I also wanted to THANK YOU so much for your awesome sweet comment on my blog!!!!! You've brought a big smile to my face!!!! I hope you are having a very blessed day!!!

  9. what a great long did it take you to get everything back orderly? TFS