Sunday, June 26, 2011

Show Me Thursday

It's that time again for a nosey in everyones work space as a part of Sassy Cheryls Show Me Thursday challenge. I don't have a lot going on in mine right now, as I've been out of town for the weekend on an ADVENTURE(future post to tell you all about it). At any rate, this is what's happening in Tazmania right now.

Friday morning I got home from loading kayaks(part of the Adventure story), to find a Priority Mail box on the back of my car. I thought it was a late gift from DD for my DH for Father's day, but NO it was a box from me from my dear friend Linda C. She sent me a box of goodies including some glittery paper, some fabulous hot pink tulle and some sheer lime green ribbon(she knows me so well as this happens to be my favorite color combination). There were stamps and embellishments in the box too. Oh and I going to have some fun with these. Thank you dear friend.I'm also working on Copic cases to sell(raffling one off at the Lungs 4 Life Fundraiser), so last Thursday night I sat and scored two sets of boxes for the large Copic cases and one set of boxes for a Medium case(246 boxes total). I still have to fold and glue them all together along with actually sew the cases that these boxes go into.And finally, I have been wanting a rolling rack that would roll under the end of my work table that would hold my air compressor and my embellishment boxes. Because of the dimensions, it was very hard to find. DH had promised to build me on(that didn't happen) and then a dear friend's DH made me one, but lost my sketch and built what he thought I wanted. It would only hold two boxes of embellishments(my plans would have held 8). DH promised to add another shelf so it would hold 4 boxes of embellishments(that didn't happen either). Imagine my delight when last weekend at Sam's, I discovered this shoe rack. It didn't have rollers, but I decided I could add them, so made a side trip by Harbor Freight for the rollers. Well I had thought I could super glue the rollers onto the bottom of the legs, but that didn't work. I shamed DH into modifying the bottom(on Father's Day no less) by reminding him of the two above promises that didn't get delivered on. He wished me a Happy Mother's Day when he finished(he thinks he's funny and he is). At any rate this works great, because the top also holds not only my air compressor, but my Cuttlebug, my diecuts and my embossing folder and the two lower shelves have space for 6 boxes of embellishments. I have the left side of the table to use the air compressor or the Cuttlebug.Thanks for taking a nosey in my space and be sure to post your space over on Sassy Cheryl's blog. Hey we get to gander at what you have going on, and you have a chance of winning a free image. Come on and join the fun.


  1. What a great work area. Everything looks so neat and organized. The rollers make it perfect. DH is really a special guy.

    So glad you have decided to make those Copic Bags to sell. I love love LOVE mine. I carry it to work everyday and keep it on my craft table at night. I keep digis inside to color whenever I get a bit of coloring time. I don't have mine full yet so I keep my various ink refills right there too. Nothing worse than running out of ink in the middle of a project. There is room for pencil, liner pen and white highlighter pen too! It's my favorite organizer too and so stylishly beautiful too! Awesome creation GF!

  2. Wow, wow, wow and wow again! Hehehe! :0) I'm chuckling away at you finally shaming your DH and on Father's Day too! Rofl.
    I love what you have done with your work space sweety, and all of those projects going on too. You're putting me to shame. Lol.xx

  3. Wonderful! You have the BEST ideas! LOVE the beautiful case you a med for lungs4life!

  4. Busy,busy, busy look at you go...I long to get back into the swing of things...Thanks for sharing

  5. What a lovely package!!
    Wow, look at all those little boxes ready to be folded....if I lived closer I would help you Shirley.
    Great job organizing your space, it's hard work isn't it!?! (Lol) ~jeni :)

  6. OMGOsh. I knew those boxes took A LOT of work, but my goodness. . . .my stomach is in knots from just thinking about scoring all of those box flap thingys.
    You know, you always make me smile!!!!!
    Isn't Linda just the best!!!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing again this week.

  7. Wow, it looks like you have been very busy, Shirley! What a nice surprise to find on your car. Aren't you a lucky lady. Your rolling shelf looks very handy!