Sunday, June 12, 2011

SMT Cowboys and Indians

It's been forever since I did a blog post. When you're entertaining(read that as trying to keep up with) a 4 1/2 year old, it seems to be hard to find time to do anything for yourself. I haven't made a card in so long, I hope the mojo is there when I get TM back in shape. So for all you nosey folks here's what's been happening with me and my crafty place.

As you know, we went to Phoenix for DGD's graduation from HS. We brought MM back with us on May 25th. I took him back via airplane on Friday, June 10th and came home yesterday. We had a fabulous time with him. He is his mother's child, with a very active imagination and a mouth that never stops(unless he's asleep). My daughter says the state of Mississippi needs to hire him for tourism, as he's convinced his whole pre-school that Mississippi is this magical place. Well it is, especially if you're at Camp Gran and Grandpa's. This trip included his regular activities of horseback riding, driving the tractor and feeding the fish down at the dock. However to all the previous adventures, we've added target shooting and riding(and driving) the three wheeler. He's all about Cowboy, and after watching a cowboy show decided he needed a vest. Who better to make that happen than Gran. He also has a teepee at home that I made for him, but his only Indian outfit is a Pajama Kerta from India and thus the only Indians he really understood, so a Native American outfit was a necessity.

Here's my table and crafting space as I left it when I finished the Indian outfit at 8:30 Friday morning, shortly before departing for the airport.

I made him a couple of vests. One is more a dress or gambler's vest so it reminded me of Bat Masterson.

The next vest is what I call his Marshall Dillon vest. This child loves Country Western music and can sing the entire Tobey Keith song " I Should've Been a Cowboy". I have it on video and if I can figure out how to get it to play I'll post it soon(it's too funny).Finally here are the pictures of him in his Indian outfit(notice he figured out how to use the vest as another costume). I think he can also use this outfit to play a frontiersman, like Davy Crockett.

Thanks for stopping by. It's great to be back to blogging. Now off to clean up in TM, so I can get back to doing something for me.

Oh and don't forget to post what you have going on in your life this week over on Sassy Cheryl's blog, so the rest of us decidedly curious folks can see.


  1. Wow! I really needed you nearby when Zach was little! What little boy wouldn't LOVE these vests and outfits! I'm jealous. Do they come in adult sizes. :)
    Thanks for showing your sweet MM in his cowboy and indian outfits. Priceless! So glad you all had a good time. I bet you'll be relaxing this week some.

  2. How fun is this...I remember the days when I did that for my that I have the grand daughters i have yet to get out the sewing machine and do the same for them...thanks for the insight and inspiration...thanks for the comment, you are a true follower, Tootsie

  3. He's such a little darling Shirley! And he models them so well! :0)
    I know what you mean about not doing the SMTs in so long! I don't even want to go back through my posts to see how long I missed.
    I'm messing my desk up as "we speak" - smiles!
    Nice to "have you back" sweety.xx

  4. what a FUN Gram you are!!! he's so CUTE!! and too much fun all those outfits! my boys all had exactly the same and now the grandkids are wearing them! making memories...

  5. Wow, you've been a busy Grandma! It's so nice that you've had time to share with this little cowboy. Adorable costumes that he will have such fun wearing!

  6. Oh Shirley MM is just so cute,im so jealous.You are such a great grandma and what memories he will have.