Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Show Me Thursday #66

WOOHOOO!!!! I won the SMT last week as no. 13.  A free Sassy Cheryl image for just showing what you have going on in your life HERE, how could you not enter.

Well, it's almost too late to post a SMT for this week, so I'm rushing to get it in under the wire. It's all Cheryl's fault. She got to talking about Spring Cleaning(something I detest doing), and last Friday was my day to be housekeeper. I decided that since I was going to be cleaning anyway I might as well do the baseboards, and dust the blinds. Well one thing led to another, and so for the past 5 days I've been Spring Cleaning, and I'm still not through.

This is a picture of me working on the window of the breakfast room. DH didn't get a full body shot, so you could see my rubber boots. I have entirely too many windows in my house, and I no sooner get them cleaned than the spiders are back weaving their webs(probably why I hate Spring Cleaning so much). It also doesn't help that you end up cleaning two windows for every one because of the storm windows. One thing I do know, if I should ever have to build another house, every window in my house would be a solid piece of glass with no cross patterned panes. I could go a whole lot faster if it weren't for those dividers. I still have the den and two bedrooms to do, but I'm way more than halfway.

 I'm taking a break from the cleaning today and heading to Tazmania to have a little fun. I'm in crafting withdrawal, and it's not making me happy.


  1. he he he he!!! you're doing a fab job hun...please come over the pond and start on mine next ;)
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  2. Oh you are so right, At least you can reach yours. I have a second floor. :( I hate windows too. I have tackled the inside stuff, but the pollen is so bad right now, I am forgoing the outside for awhile! Gotta love that springtime! Hugs my dear friend,

  3. Don't blame it on me!!!!!!!! LMBO! Actually, I don't card. I LOVE this pic, but I SO wish DH would've gotten one with the boots. That would've been hilarious! I know what you mean too about one thing leading to another. Yep. . . .that happens to me A LOT and it's not just with cleaning.
    I'm so glad that we have those 'replacement' type windows. I don't mind cleaning mine now, but I feel for you, b/c the last house that we had, is just like what you're dealing with. Such a PAIN!
    Love the photo and the post. Now, get down off that ladder and go play in Taz! :)
    Thanks for coming in under the wire.

  4. Shirley - are you available for hire?! I hate cleaning windows and usually leave that to DH. Our house is small but we have large windows AND skylights which he gets to clean as well. At least you give me hope that I might see the windows and grass again some day! LOL!