Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Time for a Little Show Me Thursday

of whatever day I get around to showing you. Last week, I waited too long. For some reason the Inlinks site shut the entry time down early. Shame on it, but I learned my lesson. I'm going to get it done today. Why you ask. Hey, if all I have to do is show you what's going on in my life for a chance for at a free Sassy Cheryl image and post it on her Sassy Cheryl Blog, I ask you WHY NOT?

At any rate over the weekend, I finally got out to TM for some card making. I'm seriously behind on my OWH cards, so first off, I took two card bases that I already had made up and added sentiments to them and they're good to go.

Now DH's truck is in the shop and we're down to one vehicle for a few days. I came home from yoga to find he's decided all the leaves have fallen off the trees, and it's time to rake(just in time as the oak trees are already leafing out). As you can see from this first picture, we have quite a few leaves. DH has raked them away from the house and the trees and in one long pile.

Now for the redneck way of raking leaves. Hook up the blade to the tractor and drag them off into the woods. It works great, but only if you live in a forest where grass won't grow, otherwise, you'd be taking the grass with the leaves. He still has the front yard to do, and it's far worse than the back.

That's it for me this week. Check back next week for more fun and excitement at the Swoope Homestead.


  1. I LOVE the redneck way of raking leaves. Works for me and if I had that many, I'd do the same thing! :) You mean, you didn't help him though? LOL!
    What fabulous OWH cards. These are fantastic.
    So glad that you got in the SMT fun this week. That little link-y was being mean to you. . . .wasn't he! :)
    Thanks for playing along this week Shirley! Your post always makes me smile!

  2. wow you need a tractor to rake the leaves im impressed and your card above very pretty ,sorry you missed deadline .x