Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Show Me #71 Just Under the Wire

I am definitely a procrastinator, but I actually took these pictures last week before I finished my card for the Sassy Cheryls Challenge Blog Challenge, meaning to do a before and an after. Life caught up with me and it didn't happen, so we're going at it slap backwards today, so I can still get my entry in.

These are pictures of my table top in creative mode. The only thing that's changed since I made these pictures is that  the card is finished and the Copics are back in their case.

Since I've played it so late with my post, you might not have time to get a post in this week on the Show Me Thursday post at Sassy Cheryls Blog, but there's always next week. It's a random draw winner of a free image and a chance to hang around and see how others craft and what they're up to. I promise you it's a good time for all.


  1. Procrastinator? Who are you kidding? You may be late, but you're definitely not a procrastinator. Not as far as I'm concerned. . . and you know what, if you are, I'm glad, bc now we get to see how you put that lovely card together. Boy. . . .you're a messy one, aren't you. LMBO!
    Thanks for playing in the SMT fun this week. Always a fun post.

  2. I have you beat on the last minute thing!! I entered my SMT with 30 seconds to spare....LOL...seriously. :)
    I love seeing your desk like that...Makes me feel in good company (you should see the kitchen table right now with both the kids projects and mine...maybe in 2 days when it's SMT again)

  3. Good Lord Girl! You certainly made a mess. Wasn't it fun?? Love it . Linda

  4. Shirley the state of your table fills me with joy why you ask ,well because its like mine a total mess .I wish i could be a tidy crafter but im not .x

  5. My kind of girl-tee hee! Love this, Shirley! Cleaned up my space this afternoon and it's already a mess, but that's a good thing-means I'm creating :)