Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Treasure Chest

In last week's SMT post for Sassy Cheryls' Blog, I mentioned DH kindly taking charge of MM for a whole day while I worked on the Anniversary Card/Book. This week, I want to share the treasure chest with you all.

MM and his parents live in Arizona and have been here for the past month and a half. His parents being able to telecommute, decided to give him a summer in Mississippi since he starts kindergarten in August and anytime trips will definitely not be taking place. He goes to day care two and a half days a week. The other two and a half days his Grandpa and I have him. It's worked out great as it still gives both DH and myself time to get our things done as well as time to spend with him.

MM is one very imaginative as well as active child. He honestly would stay outside all day long in spite of the fact that his skin seems to be a delicacy for the chiggers or red bugs. Doesn't matter how well we cover him  with bug spray, he's got bites EVERYWHERE! It hasn't slowed him down at all. I've told DH that this summer is one that MM will remember for the rest of his life just because of all the things that he's gotten to do and learn. I've told MM he's very fortunate to have two crafty grandparents.

So onto the story of the treasure chest. When Grandpa was minding him last week, MM must have watched a pirate cartoon, because he was all about treasure chests. MM wanted to know if they could build a treasure chest and bury it. DH informed him that the termites would eat the box up, so they put eleven cents in a drink can, glued another one to it and buried it in the back yard. They then each drew a map to the buried treasure.

After lunch DH and MM went to work building a wooden treasure chest for his keepsakes. At one point DH is cutting boards with the table saw, when MM comes and informs me that he(MM) could build the top better than Grandpa(think rounded top as opposed to flat). Once it was assembled MM got to paint his box. You can see one of the chigger bites on his neck.

Then we added some embossed metal to the corners of the box and some metal corners and embossed initials to the top(this was to make up for the fact that the top of the chest was flat and not rounded like a REAL treasure chest). I finished it with a sealer, and then MM was allowed to screw the handles back on to the sides of the chest.

While DH and I were finishing up adding the hinges and clasp, MM was into dressing up in his Halloween costume that arrived in the mail. You'll notice the wonderful posture that he has in this picture. That posture is due to the way  the plastic chest plates cuts off oxygen supply at his throat if he doesn't stand up straight. When I suggested that perhaps the costume needed to be sent back, I was informed that it was okay, he was getting used to it(sitting up straight or not breathing, I'm not sure).

Final box outside and in. I decided to line it with some felt and add some gold trim. A perfect box for treasures which as I informed MM don't necessarily mean gold or money, but things that are favorite keepsakes, like arrowheads, special rocks and shells. As I pointed out to MM, he's my treasure, but I can't keep him in a chest, but he'll always be my treasure.

It's been a great summer for Grandpa and me, as we too, have made memories to last a  lifetime. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. What wonderful memories will MM have of his grandpa and grandma and the time you spend with him. One lucky little boy!

  2. What wonderful memories will MM have of his grandpa and grandma and the time you spend with him. One lucky little boy!

  3. What a wonderful summer and project ,charles is so good with him as you are too .He will always rember the summer he spent with you ,it is such as this that books are written films are made .I wish i had been born to be your grandaughter how fun that would have been for me .I never knew mine on either side beyond age 3 .Shirley he looks tall for his age is he ? How lovely that you said to him that he is your treasure he will remember that too .xx

  4. Treasures that will never be forgotten. What a wonderful summer you all have had. Lucky lovely family, my friend.

  5. Oh how fun!!!!!!!!!! I want to do this! DH did an AMAZING job on the chest and MM, I'm sure had a blast. I know I would!!!!!!
    What a fabulous summer memory!
    Thanks for sharing in the Sassy Cheryl's SMThursday this week.

  6. Thanks for sharing your story, Shirley! MM will treasure this summer spent with his grandparents.