Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Let Me Show You My Neighbor's Place

It's time for another Show Me Thursday Post for the Sassy Cheryl's Blog. Just for showing what's going on in your world(and it doesn't have to be what you're working on either), you're entered to win a SC image. Not to mention you get  a chance to see what your fellow crafters are doing.

This week, my walking buddy is on vacation. While she's gone, I'm taking care of the animals along with watering the porch plants(this one might have been a mistake as I have a totally brown thumb). The animals consist of Jack, the deaf cat. I go down in the morning, feed him and let him out of the garage and then have to go back each afternoon to put in for the night. Since he can't hear, anything could get him. I also feed the ducks. There were three ducks to start with, but now there are only two and a bunch of feathers by the water. Now you know why I'm putting Jack in the garage every night.

My neighbor has a woodpile right beside the garage and there is the most awesome growth of cosmos. I think she just through out some seeds and they came up. I could have purposely planted them and never gotten these kind of results.

And here's a close-up of one of the flowers.

We've had fog the last couple of mornings. When there's a fog, you get the most amazing few of the spider webs that are on the ground. They almost look like white flowers. In this first picture, if you look down in the bottom left corner, you can see some spider web flowers.

This second picture is a close up on one of the webs. Pretty amazing isn't it.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you ever come to see me and you want to see flowers, I'll take you to her house.


  1. The cosmos are lovely, Shirley. The spider webs are interesting... but I don't want to see the spider that built them! Yikes... not a fan of big spiders. Have a great week!

  2. wow, they are awesome pictures shirley, I love the spider webs!
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  3. Wow!!!! I am so glad that that you shared these beautiful flower pictures . I was thinking about them the other day after we talked. And the spider web 'flowers' are GORGEOUS!!! Not a fan of spiders, but they certainly have some amazing work, don't they!?!?!
    Thanks for sharing this week Shirley. Always a great post!

  4. Come on all you spider scardy cats. Didn't you ever read Charlotte's Web? Well my darling Shirley you can make some gorgeous paper flowers so must be where your floral talents lay.

  5. Hello!

    I love Cosmos - one of my very favorite flower, and so is this color! I wish I COULD come to visit and see them in person! I don't like spiders at all, but the spider webs are pretty! Wishing you some sunshine today!


    Barbara Diane

  6. What a stunning flower ,love the close up one x