Wednesday, October 31, 2012


As you have probably read on some other posts, we had a gathering of some of the Sassy Cheryl's PCP group this past week at my camphouse. I can't begin to tell you how much fun we had. We had tutorials in Prisma Pencils, Word Art creation, Shabby Chic card making, and using the Cameo to name a few. We also created a scrapbook Cookbook thanks to some unbelievable effort on the part of Terri Dunnewin.  I hate you all can't have a copy of it, because it's going to be a treasured keepsake for me.

Oh and I forgot to mention the food, which was absolutely awesome. Cec loves to cook, and we let her.

We had an absolutely FAAB-U-LOUS time. Here are some pictures that were made during the week of fun.
Lunch at The Honey House. Anna is pinching Judy.

Kayaking on Tibbee Creek

Judy gave us coloring lessons with Prismas. Can you pick out Judy's Snowman?

Picking out crocheted Snowflakes made by Judy's Mom.

Trunk Room Only


  1. Oh, wow! Even more jealous now! I'll take credit for the last photo though! Still waiting for the one of Judy on the hood of the car. LMBO!
    I was wondering what that look was on Judy's face. She doesn't look at all happy? Is that after you all left her stranded at the cabin? hehehehe
    Looks like you had an AMAZING time! So sorry that I missed it!
    If I had to guess on which one is Judy's, I'd say top center or the one to the right, but I can't be for sure. Do tell. . . .which is whichs?
    Thanks for sharing the photos Shirley and for being such a fabulous host. . . . .I almost feel like I was there!

  2. he he he he!! oh shirley hun it looks like you all had so much fun! and oooooh on the snowman colouring, you all did awesome!
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  3. Now that looks like one crazy group of fun ladies. Oh and the tutorials that were shared. I guess top center snowman was colored by Judy. So sorry I missed it, but I do have to ask about the last picture. Crown Victorias are known to be police cars. Could that be one? Is there more to the story than you told?

  4. Wow, SO jealous here! Looks like you gals had a great time together. I think everyone did a fabulous job coloring the snowman. Judy's tutorial must have been awesome!

    Congrats on the Sassy Cheryl win this week, Shirley!

  5. I was Not pinching Judy...but maybe I should have....LOL. I think that's just her "old-fashioned photo" smile.
    Congrats on the win Shirley!!! You deserve it. Thanks for a wonderful time at SCamp.

  6. you were toooo pinching me Anna-- hee hee, or maybe I saw a snake or something. I would have deleted that photo for sure! looking good for everyone else though.. what a fun day that was!
    great food and Bess is a wonderful hostess!
    congrats on the Win mz Shirley.
    Scamp was everything and more than we all expected!
    T H A N K S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!