Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's Been A Very Busy Week

Hi Gang! It's been two weeks since I posted and it's been a very busy two weeks at that.  On Saturday, February 2, my DH and I left home at 4:45 a.m. to catch a flight to Denver, CO headed to Keystone for a week of skiing with our younger daughter, her husband and our grandson MonkeyMoo. Our intentions in leaving early were to get to the mountains early enough to take care of things like groceries and ski and boot rental, and have a little time to acclimatize ourselves to the altitude, before hitting the slopes on Sunday. Well, as Robert Burns was want to say about the best laid plans, that went astray. Due to some mechanical problems with the plane at our home location, we missed our connecting flight, ended up spending the day in the Atlanta airport and not making it to the mountains until 10:15 p.m. 

We had a great week and had lots of fun. You all know the Mastercard commercials about cost of things and what is PRICELESS. Well let me tell you skiing with your 6 year old grandson is one of those PRICELESS moments. This is a picture of the whole gang at the top of Keystone Mountain.

On Friday morning, before we hit the slopes, my older sister called to tell me that my older brother had passed away from cancer. We were expecting it, but just not that fast. What a blessing it was for my DH and I to get to spend our last day on the mountain skiing with MM. It certainly helped to keep me from being so sad.

The trip home from the mountains was totally uneventful, thank goodness, but Sunday morning had us getting up bright and early to head to my brother's funeral. It was a wonderful service and got to spend time with family and friends and remember my brother with much laughter. He was a wonderful and generous person. That said the weather was horrific with tons of rain and flash floods. I know he was in Heaven laughing down at me in my rubber boots at the cemetery. Thank goodness the Lord let the skies clear somewhat for our journey home.

However between carrying a 30 lb backpack on Saturday and tense driving on Sunday, my shoulder started to give me some grief. I had run into a lady that had the neatest rolling bag to use as a carry on. It'll hold my computer along with my Kindle, my purse, some snacks and even my pashmina for my next airline trip. First thing in the rain on Monday morning, I hit TJ Maxx for this bag. I think it will be easy to spot.

I had been called for jury duty, and I had to report yesterday morning. Seems I got called for the Grand Jury, which I thought was all about deciding what cases will be held over for trial. Well that is part of the job, but the Grand Jury is also responsible for touring and reporting on  the Tax Assessor's Office, the County Jail and the Forest Service. The twenty of us were loaded into two Sheriff Department Vans and taken to the Tax Assessor's office where we were shown spread sheets and allowed to ask questions(???) then loaded back up and taken to the Jail, where we were given a two hour tour from unloading a prisoner until release. The one thing I can say is that the facility was very clean and the kitchen was spotless. I, however, don't want a return visit in any form. Thankfully we finished this in time for me to make my hair appointment for a color and cut for which I was overdue.

This morning it was cloudy, but not raining, so it was back to our regular walking schedule with my buddy. Now I know that Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow on Feb. 2, and that we're supposed to have an early spring, but this is ridiculous. Daffodils and Irises in mid-February is so not a good thing. We're expecting temps in the 20's this weekend so good-bye flowers.

We have videos of us skiing on the mountains, and if I can ever figure out a way to edit the MP4 into a smaller video, I'll  post so you can see us on the mountain.

Sun is shining for a change. I'm going to get this posted and head back out to TM and work on my printer. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Oh honey, I am so very sorry to hear about your brother. I know the pain has to be immense, but I hope you get some comfort knowing he is no longer suffering.

    Glad you got one day of skiing with MM. I thought you weren't going to get any skiing in when you had that long summer visit.

    Go cut your flowers and bring them inside before the frost. At least you will enjoy them before they die.

    Happy Valentines Day Dear Friend

  2. Hi there - love the posting - sorry too about yr brother - with Linda - quick pick the flowers!...In UK we call the store TK Maxx - nice bag
    Sarah x

  3. Shirley, I am so sorry for your loss. Although expected, it's always a shock to lose a loved one.

    You have been a very busy lady! Glad the ski trip turned out well. I will look forward to your video clip!

    Oh, how I long to see my daffodils and iris in the garden! You will have a wonderful fragrance throughout the house when these are cut. Hope you had the time to get them in!

  4. Shirley,so sorry for your loss and as you say being with MM helped you get through that day .Great pic and i love your pull on ,it will be so useful xx