Monday, August 5, 2013

What's Been Going on In My World This Past Week

It's time for a second posting of for the Show Me Thursday  Challenge on the Sassy Cheryl Blog. Just for showing a picture or in my case several pictures of what you've got going on in your life, you're entered for a chance to win a free Sassy Cheryls image. Oh and along with that you get a chance to nosey around in other crafters lives.

I've been fairly busy this past week making cards and playing with vinyl. I also spent some valuable time reorganizing my plain card stock.

First off I'll share the cards I've made for OWH.

Now these are the t-shirts I make for 5 of my neighbor's grandchildren.
These shirts are just done with plain gloss heat transfer vinyl.

There's a second Princess shirt. The crown and the ladybug are done in rhinestones. The names are in glitter heat transfer vinyl.

And finally, my card stock shelf after spending some time reorganizing and straightening up.

Can't leave you without posting a couple of pictures of my great niece and nephews. My niece, the mother of Coleman and Lucy Ann, who was keeping her nephew, Corbin along with her two at my house on Saturday. The fathers of the children were helping my DH burn some fields off for some food plots for the deer.
It looks like Lucy Ann thumped Coleman upside his head and made him cry. Not so!

Doesn't she look smug as a bug in this picture?


  1. Oh Shirley, look at you - beautiful cards, t-shirts... You are versatile. Love it!

  2. Ok. . .I've already seen the baby photos. . . but they still crack me up! Poor little Coleman! He is not a happy camper. Maybe you should have made him a t-shirt too. LOL
    The cards AND the t-shirts are fabulous and good for you on getting all that cardstock sorted. . .!
    Now, get back to playing with that vinyl. :)
    Thanks for joining us in the Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Thursday fun!!

  3. Busy busy...Enjoy your cards and T-Shirts....the kids are great...the reaction on the one in the middle....funny! I too have been organizing. I have to get ready for school to start for I will be bus driving again this year....I need to slow down really!!!

  4. I know it is my second peek at the kids pictures but darn they are perfect. Did you blow them up and hang them on the wall yet? Those shirt are cool I know they were a hit with the kids. I love your organized card stock. I would save so much time finding the right shade of paper if I would do this to mine.Hugs