Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Keeping Busy with a Redo

It seems like forever since I posted an Show Me Thursday post for Sassy Cheryls Blog. I just wanted  to make sure you all new I hadn't been lollygagging around.

For what seems like forever, but really has only been a little over two weeks in actual work(I started a couple of weeks before cleaning out the rooms and doing some wallpaper removal), I've been sprucing up the back half of my house. My DH couldn't understand why it needed to be done, but then I reminded him that the hall, bathroom and laundry room had the original wallpaper or paint that we put up or on when we built this house 31 years ago. And although the two bedrooms had had a refresh in that time frame, it's been over 15 years for either of them.

Keep in mind that where I live the ground shifts and although my house won't come apart it shifts and the walls needed to be patched and since the wallpaper in the hall and bathroom couldn't come down without taking the paper on the sheetrock with it, they also had to be prepped for painting. Needless to say I hired that done, and let them paint the four rooms while they were at it. Now it took them 1 day for the crew to patch and paint, so I figure whatever it cost I came out ahead in wear and tear on my body. Of course, my body wasn't completely unscathed since I also had to remove the wallpaper in the two bedrooms and then hang new wallpaper in the master bedroom. I detest painting, but really don't mind hanging wallpaper and this was the fastest I ever hung wallpaper, and with the exception of one tricky piece, I did it by myself(did I mention that my DH and I do not make a good team when hanging wallpaper). My BFF's DH and his worker cut, painted and hung crown molding in the two bedrooms and the hall which made a dramatic difference in the final outcome.

I also decided while I was having the work done, I'd put new floors down in the bathroom and laundry room, and oh what the heck, let's do the kitchen, breakfast room and office floor while we're at it(these three rooms aren't done yet). This is where my DH just about came unglued, but oh well, he'll get over it. I figure if I don't do major updates anymore often than the past, that I'll be 93 by the time some of it gets readdressed.LOL

So at any rate this weekend I was able to get all the rooms reassembled, and although I still need to hang pictures and add accessories, I can at least see the floor in the dining room and I got all the stuff out of the back bedroom(I redid it about 4 years ago).

So here are pictures of things reassembled, but keep in mind there is still much to be done.

Front Bedroom
The front bedroom  had a country heart print wallpaper and border, and it was way past time for it to be gone. I am quite the reader and don't like parting with books by my favorite authors, so this room is my library/front guest room.

Mr. Billy putting up the crown molding

I had to sand and paint the bed.
This is the longest narrowest hall you've ever seen. The ceiling had cracked at every joining of sheetrock(every 4 feet), so my BFF's DH decided putting up flat strips was the best way to cover them up). We added crown molding and with the strips spaced every 4 feet, it looks like those wooden strips are meant to be there. This hall will change dramatically when I cover the walls with family pictures and birth announcements. I'll be showing you those in the future.
Painters doing there thing. They look happy, and I am happy that they're doing the work.
The lonnnnnnggggggg narrow hall

Laundry Room
The laundry room shelves had never been painted so along with getting the walls done, I painted the shelves and then organized my cleaning supplies into tubs. I still need to add vinyl labels, but I'm waiting on the brown vinyl before this room is finished. I also have a couple of ideas for some artwork in here.

This is the hall bath and the one I use. It had bright flowered wallpaper, and I started this project with finding the wisteria shower curtain. Walls are painted a pale Olivetint. The closet in the bathroom had never been painted, so one of my projects was to crawl in there and paint the inside along with the shelves. Now it looks quite nice all finished and with everything organized. Again, I still need to label my baskets.  I didn't want to put up standard fixtures, so decided to make my own hand towel holders. I bought a couple of wooden picture frames from Walmart and screwed on curtain  holdbacks(match the oiled bronze shower curtain rod).  We have a town just north of us that has the most gorgeous Wisteria arbors, and I had pictures that I had taken there to use in the picture frames. I love the way they turned out.
The bathroom closet that I got up into to paint.
Shelves back in and everything organized.
my hand towel holder

Master Bedroom
My DH was adamant about re-wallpapering the master bedroom. Thankfully about 15 years ago I bought some wallpaper intending to re-wallpaper the hall.  Because the cracks never got fixed, the wallpaper never got done, so at least I didn't have to purchase any wallpaper. I moved one bookcase out of the room, and then moved my rocker recliner from the den back there. Now I can go back there and sit and read or watch TV with my feet up.  I also moved the chiffarobe to where the bookcase had been, and the whole room opened up. I'm still looking for the perfect bed treatment, to make the room pop, and of course there are pictures to be hung.

I'm still working on a couple of projects for the bathroom, so there will be an update on it in the very near future.

I can't wait to show you my new kitchen floor when it gets installed. Now I'm off to put another coat of primer on my bathroom project.


  1. WooHoo! LOVE all the updates. :)
    Those towel holders are genius!!

  2. I'm a little late Shirley, as I wasn't on the computer much after 6. :) LOVE all the photos, updates and story. I agree. . .the towel holders are genius. . . .and GORGEOUS!
    Thanks for joining us in the Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Thursday fun!!

  3. Wow, I understand why you've been busy the past few weeks! That looks like a lot of work. I like your laundry room organization. The dish tubs are great for storing supplies. Maybe you could swing by my house and do a little organizing as well?! Have a great week!