Friday, June 25, 2010

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Too(and maybe better)

I've been independent and one of those "I can do it myself" kind of people all of my life. Never tell me I can't do something, because short of skydiving(I'm only doing that if the plane is going to crash), I'm pretty much willing to prove you wrong. When people see TazMania, I get comments on how sweet DH was to build it for me. HELLO!!!!!! I was out there in the trenches doing the work too, and I have pics to prove it(not to mention the scars). Decided I'd share pictures of me in action, with a little narrative or explanation. I am always appreciative of other's efforts for me, but I love being able to look at something I've actually had a hand in and having that wonderful sense of accomplishment. I hope you also pick up on the fact that I can laugh at myself and believe in having fun.

The pictures above show me cutting the boards for the floor and applying the first coat of varnish. The first pic below is one of my happy face after the 8th and final coat was applied. Keep in mind that I had to sand and wipe after each ,and I did this in the summer in MS. Last summer was one of the wettest on history for us, so when we started putting up the cypress on the outside of TM, I had to go buy a new pair of rubber boots. Can I just say there's not enough cushion in the sole of them to make working off a ladder fun. The 2nd picture below is my "Queen on her Ladder" pose. At my 40th class reunion, I was crowned Queen of the Reunion, for efforts in pulling the reunion together(for which I was deeply honored). Me in my crown is a running joke with my friends, thus the need for a pic in all my royal finery, tiara, bandana sweat band, and rubber boots.

The pics below show me stapling in the insulation(I absolutely hate fiberglass insulation,but I hate cold worse) in the walls prior to putting up the bead board that DH and I are varnishing in the 2ndpicture. My DH is a great innovator. We had to finish 24 sheets of bead board and our carport isn't nearly big enough to do more than 3 sheets drying at a time, so he built the "drying rack" in the background out of scraps of lumber. We were able to varnish and dry 20 sheets at a time.

We took a break to build the 6 benches below for our annual Around the 4th of July Shrimp Boil. We had a neighbor that came over to help in our assembly line building project, and he snapped the pic. The 2nd picture below shows me shovelling the rock for the walkway up to TM. Now I did let DH put the buckets in the truck and also spread it. I do recognize my limitations(I'm not totally stupid).LOL

We're finally to the stage of getting power, phone and cable into TM. The 1st picture below on the left shows me taking a turn at running the trencher from the house out to TM. After opening the trench DH and the electrician laid the power line, and I laid the ethernet and phone lines. Afterward, I filled the trench by myself and the last picture shows the trench all filled in.

Now TM is all ready to be moved into, but still have furniture to build and finish, to be able to really USE it for it's intended purpose. Furniture building and finishing is coming in another post. Stay tuned.


  1. Wow! What a wonderful thing to accomplish.

  2. Good for you, pitching right in to help build your special place. I helped my husband finish the basement in our last house but I must say I would rather craft. I can't wait to see the furniture posts.

  3. Shirley, I am just loving your blog! I want to come to Tazmania! I love, love, love the floor! You're amazing with your OWH and Any Hero card making too! Great job!!!

  4. Shirley, you are too cute.. love that you have your bright shining smile in every one of those pics!