Friday, June 18, 2010

TazMania in the Making

When we finally decided to build the as yet unnamed hobby shop, DH and I looked at portable buildings. However after some cost comparisons, DH decided we could build it with less headaches and still for about the same amount of money. The portable building would have been finished both inside and out as DH wanted lapped cypress siding on the outside. At any rate, we have a friend whose a carpenter. He and his two man crew came and in one day put together the floor joists, laid the floor and framed up the walls. DH and a neighbor put up the OSB board on the outside walls and DH and I wrapped it with the vapor barrier wrap. Then the carpenter and his two helpers came and put up the pre-built roof trusses and the metal roof in an afternoon. From then on with the exception of the wiring, DH and I did all the work. Here are pictures of me doing the work. That DH and I didn't kill each other is a testament to our love for each other. The ceiling stippling is an adventure I NEVER care to repeat, but it made for some funny photos. More of the building process tomorrow.


  1. Will you look at those muscles, Lady! You are amazing!!! So glad you have a blog now!

  2. wow Shirley - great photos... how come the third person has hold of the camera - hope he/she also had a brush or roller in the other!!!

    Paula x x x