Friday, August 6, 2010

Super Heroes

As you all know we're on week number 2 of our grandson's visit. As he tells anyone that asks his age, he's still free. All of a sudden he's into super heroes, and all of his underwear reflect this. Just ask him and he'll show you.

I've been making super capes for several years for friends and family members children and grandchildren, and this week decided it was time to make MonkeyMoo his very own. I had cut one out for him and had it ready to sew up, but he's grown too big for it, so I had to enlarge my pattern. I want to emphasize to him that he be himself, so instead of the Superman or Batman Logo, I used my Cricut to cut an S and A for Super Alex. I appliqued and then lined it so there are no exposed edges. I used Velcro as a fastener, so that he can fasten it around his neck himself, and I don't have to worry about his choking if it gets caught in something.
Today he said he needed a mask, so right before lunch we went out to TM, and I used some scraps and quickly cut out a mask shape with holes. I've got to do a better one, but it works for now. For some reason he decided the whole outfit needed the Cabella's hat(don't call it a baseball cap, whatever you do). I think he's making a fashion statement with those cowboy boots, don't you?


  1. awwww, shirley he is precious and you are so clever, i bet he adores staying with you, i cant wait to see some more!!!!! xxx

  2. MM is so lucky to have a grandma who can sew a cape and mask.

  3. Shirley, that cape is awesome, but the cowboy boots set that outfit off! Too cute ~jeni :)

  4. I LOVE the cape and the kid! Aren't they fun?

  5. OMG Shirley - this is class.... he's so brill. I miss mine being this young. Oh what fun they are...

    Paula x x x