Thursday, May 12, 2011

Show Me #24

My week has been hectic as usual, so I guess that's normal for me. I have got to quit making plans, because as sure as I do, something is going to come up.

It's that time of the week again, where we go noseying around in other people's craft spaces, or gardens or homes(just depends on what they're doing when that snap the pic) to see exactly what it is they're doing. Sassy Cheryl started this challenge and if you enter a pic showing what you're working on, you're in a drawing for a free Sassy Cheryl image of your choice. The hardest part it typing the blog, so come on folks, give us a bit of a nosey, PLEASE!

It's actually Thursday and I'm working on several projects. I've taken the drill and created two projects that I saw on Amazing Paper Grace's blog. One is a Peg Bow Maker(and it's so much easier to use than the Bow Easy. The other is a Flower Loom or I call it a Ribbon Flower maker. Here are the links to the Peg Bow Maker and to the Flower Loom. I took some left over quilted fabric and made a little case to put them both in and there's a small ziploc that holds the pegs and the rivets. I've put the link to the tutorials on these two gadgets on the bottom of them, for easy reference. Keep watching my blog as I'm going to be giving some of these away in the near future.

At the front on the left is an Indian arrowhead, that I'm sending to a special little friend of mine over in England. I also made him a canvas bag for his treasures. I still have to run some leather shoe laces through the top so that he can pull it closed. So I'm had a very creative morning. Now I have to write a note to go into the box with the arrrowhead, get to town for the laces and get it boxed and shipped today, lest Mo worry the poor postman to death.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to show us what you're working on right now and post it here on Sassy Cheryls Blog.


  1. Hey, I've seen that fabric somewhere before. Isn't it the prettiest thing you ever saw? Like those wooden tools. That's pretty useful to be able to move the pegs for different sizes. Can't wait to see one of the flowers you make with it.

    You need an ETSY Shop Shirley. I have had more compliments and people wanting the Copic Case and I see a big demand for the wooden tools too!

    Hugs, Linda

  2. wow these look fun ill have to lurk around your blog now shirley so i can see how i can get you to send me some.LOL!!!!

  3. Stinks that we all had to redo our posts, doesn't it!!!!
    I prefer the 'Ribbon Flower maker' name. Sounds really cute!
    I love the little case and the fabric you used to make it. You're really 'handy' with that sewing machine, aren't you!
    Thanks for showing your space this week, girlie. Even though you had to do it twice!

  4. Shirley, you are one talented lady!! I especially LOVE your quilted copic carrier/tote! I saw the one you made for Dawn on her blog... "Dawn...a New Day"... Seriously, I would love to purchase one from you if you go into the business making them!!