Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Surprise Show Me #23

It's that time of week again, where all of us nosey Sassettes or Nosettes, get to do a little snooping around in other peoples crafty spaces and leave a few comments, along with showing off what we've got going on in our spaces or our lives. Why you ask? There are two reasons, 1 because we're nosey and 2 because we would like a chance to win a free Sassy Cheryl image without having to produce a card. Does that mean 2 should be because we're lazy? Nope, I didn't think so. So take a snapshot of your work space sometime between now and next Wednesday at 5P.M. EST, post it on your blog and link it to Mr. Linky"s at the bottom of the Sassy Cheryl Show Me #23.

This is the way my crafty place looked when I walked out of it last night. You're looking at a few cards I've made and the papers that I'm planning on using for the Color Me Challenge(I don't have time to put all those letters in color). For this challenge you have the chance of having Miss Sassy Cheryl color her image to match yours. Check it out HERE. Oh and did I mention that the Color Me images are marked down for that week?

So you're probably thinking by now that the surprise was the fact that I was actually working on a challenge long before the deadline, but no that's not it. Check out the picture below and here's how I spent a great two hours today. Yep, that's Dawn Lusk, one of the Sassy Cheryl DT members. Seems like her DH was raised in Starkville, MS only 20 miles from me. His DM is still alive(and doing remarkably well for 93), and he and Dawn came down to check on her. I picked Dawn up, and we went to the Barnes and Noble for some coffee and a nice visit. Then when we went back to her MIL's I got to see some of her coloring up close and personal. Now you all know she's an amazing artist, but let me tell you, photos don't do justice to her actual coloring. I promise they looked like paintings. I want to grow up and color just like her. I also got a visit in with her DH, and we even had friends in common. What a great afternoon it was for me. I figure Dawn and her DH are still trying to figure out who that red headed woman was.

So that's my SMT this week. I might not be first, but I get the award for nosiest, and Dawn probably would testify to that. Just so you know, I actually only lack coloring my Color Me Challenge image and adding it to my card, and it's only Thursday. I'm getting scary aren't I.


  1. How fun is this. Glad you got to meet Dawn and have a nice visit.

  2. Oh, now see, that just isn't fair!!!! I'm going to FIRE Dawn and DISOWN you! :) Oh, what I would've given to be there with you guys! I am sure that you all had an amazing time and oh, did I mention that I'm jealous! Hmmmmm.
    So glad that you all were able to get together.
    Thanks for sharing your space this week Shirley and your very special surprise! I just LOVE IT ALL!

  3. Thanks for sharing this week, Shirley! It's nice that you and Dawn were able to visit in person.

  4. How jealous am I that you and Dawn got to meet in person :) What a wonderful afternoon you must have had. I am green with envy.

  5. Omgosh! this is Fantastic fun! Wish I was there for the fun day!
    I agree with Cathy... a little green going on here!!
    happy for you!

  6. Oh how wonderful!! :0) You deserve the prize this week just for the smile you've given me honey!
    How brilliant you both got to visit with each other sweety. What a wonderful thing for you both.xx

  7. Aw man!!! I bet you guys had a blast!!! Did y'all get kicked out of Barnes and Noble!?
    There you go teasing me with all those copics again. Let me tell you the girls in our card club were drooling all over Linda's copic case. I was afraid one of them was going to run out with it. Lol ~jeni :)

  8. OMGoodness... let me tell you, Shirley is a hoot! I wish we'd had more time, we laughed and gabbed and laughed some more!
    And for sure when we get back down that way, I'm going to go play at her house!! =)
    Oh, I'm so glad to be home now.... whew!

    Thanks Shirley!!!!!