Wednesday, August 29, 2012

God Rocks

Once again I'm last minute posting my SMT post for a chance of winning a free image from the Sassy Cheryl Store courtesy of Miss Sassy Cheryl herself on her Sassy Cheryl's Blog. I've got a couple of things to share this week.

DH, myself, his sister and her DH were invited over to my BFF's house for dinner on Monday night to see their newly redone kitchen and bathrooms. I first met my BFF when I started going to Sunday School with my roommate in college who also happened to live in Columbus. My BFF taught the College Class. During my college years, I started helping her with the youth on Sunday night and babysitting for her. Over the years, her family just basically adopted me, and made me a part of their family to the extent that her grandchildren think DH and myself are their aunt and uncle. In fact, my BFF is who set me up with my DH, so I guess I'll be forever in her debt.

With the changes made in the kitchen(new counter tops and tile back splash), she was able to pull out her pottery and put it on display. Her Mother, she and her grandchildren all love rocks. Over the years, the grandchildren have gifted her with rocks, and with the kitchen redo, she put some of them in one of her pottery pieces.

These rocks weren't gathered at the same time, nor even by the same children. Recently her grand kids were here visiting and were playing with the rocks, when they made a discovery. Three of the Rocks actually spell God. So you see, God does really Rock.

Now I don't know about y'all, but I don't believe in coincidence, and I think that this was a reminder to me to remember that God is in every aspect of my life. I have another rock story that pertains to her that will touch your heart, but I forgot to take a picture so I'll save that for another week.

The other thing I've been working on is a set of Copic Color Combinations. I have the hardest time figuring out what colors blend besides the ones that are in the same 10's, like B10, B11, and B13. Thanks to Suzanne Dean, Flourishes and Papertrey Ink I've been able to find some non-standard groupings. Flourishes has a swatch chart you can purchase, but then it doesn't have combos from Suzanne Dean or Papertrey Ink. So on Sunday, I sat down with my Silhouette software and make a print and cut file for all the combos. I have skin, hair, plus the combos put together by those listed above. I've made sure that each swatch has the source of the combo. In designing them, I set up a sheet for each combo, so I get four swatches out of each print and cut. Here's the first set I've done.  I'm really happy with how they turned out. I've got them grouped by skin tones, hair and then by Copic letter.

Thanks for stopping by. See you next week.


  1. love your rock story and photos! Can't wait til you share the next story.

  2. Awesome post Shirley!! Love those rocks...

  3. WOW! What a fabulous story about your BFF! I had already knew that she had introduced you to DH. . . .But I love the 'rest of the story' as a guy on the local radio talk show used to say. His name escapes me.
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the rocks. And I'm with you. Don't believe in coincidences. That was done for a purpose, if not, just for sharing here and making us all think about it.
    And of course, you know I LOVE the color combination cards. You're AMAZING! I know I can't wait to get mine. :0
    Thanks for playing along in the Sassy Cheryl's SMThursday this week.

  4. Wow Wow Wow! God does indeed Rock!!! He sends us little messages all the time. Sometimes they come from innocent little children. Thanks for sharing that story. Hugs, Shirley.

  5. oh my golly gosh shirley!! how cool are those rocks!! I know a certain little boy that would be over the moon if he found rocks like that so your friend must be truly blessed and your copic cards looks fab hun, I bet it makes finding which pens to use so much easier.
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  6. Thanks for sharing your sweet story with us, Shirley. From the "hands" of babes.....

  7. What a fab story Shirley thanks for sharing it .I have always loved rocks stones and shells .Love your copics cards too ,you have beem working hard .xx

  8. Such a wonderful story and the rocks togehter with the beautiful plate looks great! =)
    Good luck with the color combination cards!
    Hugs, Elenor