Saturday, November 17, 2012

100 Show Me Thursday Post

It's hard for me to believe that Sassy Cheryl has been nosing around for 100 weeks to see what folks have going on in their crafting life or in life in general.  It's been 100 weeks of fun and getting acquainted and making new friends all over the world. I love seeing folks' cards, but I love even more getting a glimpse of where they live or what there every day life might entail.  For sharing a part of your life with Sassy Cheryl, and with the rest of us that hang out at her SMT blog, you have the chance at winning a free Sassy Cheryl image, and oh are there ever some great ones in the Sassy Cheryl Store. I have to say, that as much fun as it is to win, I love checking in to see what folks have going on.

I know that one thing is for sure for all of us, every day is not just crafting. Life has a tendency to get in the way of even our best laid plans. That's been my week this week. It started out with trips to the airport in Birmingham on Monday and Tuesday. Monday was to take DD, DGD and MM back for their flight home, and Tuesday was to take my niece to the airport after a weekend visit to her parents. Once that was behind me, I thought the rest of the week was mine. NOT SO. Remember Robert Burns best laid plans?

My first project and the only one that was planned was to replace the pitiful paper screen I tacked to the wall, for use with my projector. For SCamp, I tacked some not so white newsprint up to make a screen. This would have been a super easy project if I could have found a 60" wide roll up  shade(the perfect projection screen), but it seems they don't make them anymore. Instead I had to take a 37 1/2" wide one off the roll, add grommets and then some of those 3M hooks. It works, and will be great when I'm demonstrating something with the computer, so folks aren't having to look over my shoulder and follow me.

Today is the opening day of Deer season with a rifle, and my DH along with brothers, nephews and great nephews are covering the deer stands in the "bottom"(property along Tibbee Creek owned by DH and his siblings). With 11 stands, and a lot more hunters than that, it's especially important that folks know whose hunting and where. DH had converted a chalkboard in my kitchen that we've been using, but this year he built another stand, and there was NO ROOM to add to it. So with an old bulletin board with a metal plate, I created a new hunting board that is now hanging in my garage. It's the check in point before they go hunting. I sprayed the board several times with  Blackboard Spray thus creating a blackboard surface that can be erased for their names. I then did a Print and Cut with my Cameo of all the stands by name(the stories of how they got their names is a story in and of itself). I glued them to the board and then Modge Podged(humidity is tough here) over just them(you should be able to see the lines). I still have to add a chalk holder(an old fork with the inner two twines twirled up, but DH has tied the chalk to a string and nailed the string to the board in the meantime. There's even room at the bottom to write in portable stands.

I thought that was going to be the only project outside my plans, but again I was proved wrong. BFF came by on Wednesday with a happy for me from their last road trip. I was finally able to give her her birthday card(made on time, but not mailed or delivered) and told her I was still pondering her gift. She had a project for me, that she assured me would count for her birthday and her Christmas. See I'm already liking how this is sounding. She is an unbelievable cook(my SCamp buddies can attest  to this), and if you think I'm non-stop, you should see her go. She has spent the summer putting up pickles, preserves and jellies to give away in between cooking lunches and taking to the ladies at the nursing home and cakes to any and everyone. What she wanted was  lid labels custom made for her. Did you see my eyes light up? Of course you did, because you know  I immediately thought of my Cameo and Print and Cut.  I worked up the basic label, and then only had to change the product in them. I designed them while watching(or should I say listening to TV on Wednesday night). It took me less than 3 hours to print and cut over 500 of them. I still have to run most of them through my Xyron sticker maker(ran out of tape), but that's something I can do while the TV is blasting away.

Finally this week I got in an order of PrismaColor Pencils and I have some Faber Castell's on the way. I needed a way to store them, so when I was at Walmart this week, I found this metal jar holder with a carrying handle and these perfectly sized pencil cups. I created dividers in the cups and sorted somewhat by colors. I have two for the Prismas and two for the Fabers. I probably won't be adding a lot more colors so this should give me plenty of space.  I think it will work, don't you?

I did finally get to create a card yesterday and even got it blogged before this post, so maybe I'm back on schedule. If you made it through all of this, you're probably wishing I'd just post pictures and shut up with the yakking. At any rate, that's my week thus far. Now I was up at 4 this morning cooking the Opening Day breakfast for the hunters( a tradition that I can't seem to get out of), and now I'm on my way to TM to play.


  1. Oh My Gosh! look at all of these fantastic projects... your are one busy person!
    Bess is going to love the labels, and were going to love the screen on the wall for next scamp, and I am so happy that the hunters will know where everyone is supposed to be!
    you go girl..
    I had a blast with our phone call!
    thanks bunches

  2. I was going to say that you have been super busy but that is the way you always are. I am in awe of your stamina and everything that you can accomplish. Wonderful projects!

  3. Yep you are a busy little bee. Smart thinking on all your projects Shirley. I always love seeing what contraptions you have come up with. Maybe we should patent your brain! Hugs GF

  4. WOW. . . .as always, you are one busy lady! Love the idea of the tree stand list. You're one smart cookie! I've told you that. . .right!?!?!?
    Your BFF is going to LOVE those labels. Can you imagine cutting all of those out by hand. Cramp city!
    And I know that you've already gotten your new FC pencils, so you'll have to show us an updated photo of your pencil rack. LOL You go girl!
    Thanks for playing along in the Sassy Cheryl's SMThursday fun this week.