Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Very Busy Family Crafting Weekend

Here at my house, there's a lull in the storm of a family visit. Our oldest DD, her daughter and younger DD's son, MM flew into Birmingham last Thursday for a long weekend. They've been here and keeping me and DH both busy with visiting and projects, but they've gone out to dinner with some family and DH and I opted to stay at home. While they're gone, I'm going to get my SMT post done for the Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Thursday Blog.

One of the things that we had to do was get MM dirt and flint from the "Bottom" for a presentation he has to do on Tuesday when he gets back to school on Native Americans. His presentation is on he and his Grandpa searching for arrowheads. This is something they do every time he comes for a visit, so it's a good thing for his project. He has to take a paper sack with 4 items that are in his presentation. This necessitated a trip to fill a bag with dirt.

Another thing on DD#2's lists of things for us to do was to go and see his Great Aunt Boo and get a picture with her. She's DH's oldest sister and sibling, and her DH passed away recently.

DGD is expecting a baby boy the end of January, and she had some projects that she wanted us to work on. The first was a canvas wall hanging that will also hang on the door at the hospital. I let her do all the painting and gluing. My job was just to cut out all the pieces and help her with the layout. I love the way it turned out and it matches her nursery, which is a monster theme.

Then yesterday she showed me a canvas she saw on Etsy with a saying that she loved, so I spent the better part of today getting it done. Had to stencil the letters on using a dauber and several black pigment inkpads. I love the way this one turned out.

We head back to the airport tomorrow to drop them off, and then lucky me, I get to go again on Tuesday to take my niece  to the airport for her trip home. Her DM is having foot surgery, and her DF, thinks since they're putting the DM to sleep, he might better hang around. It's okay, because I'm meeting a dear friend for lunch and a visit.

I've only given you a bit of what was happening here, but needless to say, it was enough. Now let's see what you're working on and be sure to post it on the Show Me Thursday Blog for a chance at a free image. This is a true WIN WIN situation.


  1. MM sure has taken a growth spurt. He is growing up too fast. Still as cute as ever. Love your wall hanging too. It turned out really good.

  2. oh what a gorgeous post shirley, I adore tha verse on the wall hanging,its just so lovely and my oh my! how much has MM grown since his last visit! Mo says he hopes he found some arrow heads. Mo is poorly at home with me today so he enjoyed seeing MM's smiley face in the photo of Aunt Bo.
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  3. Beautiful canvases and I just love the sentiment on the last one! Hope MM got enough things for his presentation, nice photo of him and Boo! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  4. Beautiful Projects Shirley And IAdore The Pic Of Granpa and Grandson .. Priceless

  5. Oh WOW. . . .that sentiment took my breathe away! How perfect and beautiful!!!!!!!!
    Love all the photos, Shirley! You all certainly have been SUPER busy lately. Love the photo of MM with Boo! He is so stinkin' cute!
    Thanks for playing along in the Sassy Cheryl's SMThursday fun this week.

  6. Wow, you've been a busy lady this week, Shirley! Your canvas sentiment is gorgeous, Shirley. I'm sure DGD loved it! Congrats on last week's Show Me win!