Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Let There Be Light

I almost missed this second week of the Show Me Thursday Challenge on the Sassy Cheryls Blog. Somehow this week has totally gotten away from me. Saturday I thought it was Sunday all day long. Then Monday was lost to a trip out to Jackson for a couple of appointments. Yesterday was taken up with changing out the lights in Tazmania.

When we built the shop, I did a lot of reading about the best lights. Everything I read said to use full spectrum lights, so we installed track lighting with full spectrum flood lights. After a couple of years, we added a couple of more strips trying to improve the lighting. Well that created another problem - HEAT and more heat than a woman my age needs for sure.

This is a picture made looking into my sewing corner with the track lighting  Do you see how dark it still is?
 Yesterday DH and I replaced the track lighting with 8' fluorescent lights. Now there are NO dark spots anywhere in TM, plus it's about 40 degrees cooler. This is my sewing corner now. Can you tell a bit of difference in the lighting?
 This is a picture from outside the door  of TM. Look at all that light.
Did you notice that things are also pretty neat? That's because, after taking down the old lights, and having to shift things around, I really didn't have much choice.

Oh and did I mention we replaced the 2 4' fluorescent in the carport with 2 8' fluorescent. Now I can see into every corner of the carport and exactly how much it needs sweeping out.

Now it's time to get busy making some cards.


  1. Wow Shirley. . .what a difference. Glad you did all of that before I come to visit. LOL But now you can actually SEE when you work. Kind of makes you wonder how you did it before. :)
    No pun intended, but it really is like night and day, isn't it. So glad that you got it done and can now enjoy it.
    Hugs my sweet!!!
    Thanks for playing along in the Sassy Cheryl's SMThursday fun this week.

  2. What a difference! Oh, but I'd miss the heat in the winter months---trade offs! It looks GREAT! I went to post my Show Me post and it's closed :-( Oh, well...I'll join in tomorrow!

  3. Hey miss Shirley, What a wonderful difference the different lighting makes! woo hoo!
    no more hot mammas in the room:):) Just had to!!!!
    isn't it nice that everything is all cleaned up and organized, and you didn't even have to plan it.. Love when it happens that way!
    you two really worked hard all day. but the results- well worth it!
    have a great evening!
    hand shake to ya:0)

  4. wow Shirly it's a big change! I like a lot of light. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. The difference is unbelievable Shirley. Your DH sure knows how to take care of his girl!