Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Show Me Thursday

Well here it is again Wednesday, and I'm down to the wire on posting my Show Me Thursday post to the Sassy Cheryls Blog. It isn't because I've been lying on the sofa, eating bonbons and reading though. I've been really busy.

On Sunday, my walking buddy hosted her spring "tea" for the Prairie Women. Since she's not much of a cook(and she'd be the first to say it), I prepared mint brownies(you really don't want the recipe to these as they are dangerous to your hips and waistline), sugared cinnamon almonds, and mini artichoke quiches. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera to take pictures of the food or the folks.

In between the cooking, I've been busy trying to finish up some  Operation Write Home cards. I have not sent a box out in a while, so I was trying to make a showing. Over the last two weeks, I've made at least 80 cards, and with what I had been building in my stash, I was able to send out a box of 132 yesterday. Thankfully for digital papers and the print and cut feature of the Silhouette Cameo, I was able to mass produce cards without a lot of waste.

Now I'm turning my hand to making Any Hero cards for OWH. I want to set up a table outside a high traffic business and ask citizens of this wonderful country to write a brief note thanking a service person for their service to their country and for our freedom.  I'm even hoping MonkeyMoo will help me out by dressing up in his Uncle Sam costume and working with me. Won't that be a SMT post picture for sure.

The Show Me Thursday Challenge is a two week challenge, and you can post two entries for a chance to win a free Sassy Cheryls image. This is week 1 of SMT#121, so you have plenty of time to post a picture of what you've got going on in your life. Off to get busy on those Any Hero cards for next week's SMT post.


  1. Pffttt, pffttt, 80 cards in 2 weeks. What did you do between 3 and 4 in the morning Shirley? Sleep?

  2. Oh. . . .but I do want the recipe. They sound heavenly! You certainly have been a busy gal! Love all of these amazing cards for OWH. WOW!
    Thanks for playing along in the Sassy Cheryl's SMThursday fun this week.

  3. Holy smokes, Shirley! You are amazing!!!