Thursday, November 25, 2010

Show Me Thursday #3

It's another Thursday and time to show Cheryl and all the rest of us nosy parkers what's on your desk. In my case, my table top is really neat, which means I'm not working on much. Cheryl and I have a running dialog. As much as I'd like to be a neat freak, I'm not. I'm not going change either, but I am trying to turn over a new leaf and try not to let my messes get too bad. TM is looking pretty good today, because I'm working on the design of a Open House Invitation. Things didn't work out like I wanted, so I punted. I decided rather to put my time to good use and make a light box using this tutorial from Jeffrey Bail HERE. I took a picture of a card I'd previously done and the difference is dramatic.

So here are pics of my space today and my lightbox. Please check out Sassy Cheryls Blog and join in the fun. Let us nosy around in your space and be sure to enter the challenge. All it requires is a picture of your desk, and you might just win a free image.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Shirley!!
    Wow, I can see the floor. Hee hee! You know I'm only kidding! I love teasing you! I just feels so natural!
    I'm going to have to bookmark that light box tutorial. That's really cool!
    So, get busy on your cards. . .make a mess. . . have some fun. . .be yourself! :)
    Oh, and don't forget to show your invites when they're done.

  2. WOW, I love all the space you have. Thanks for the light box tutorial link, I really want one and this looks like a great alternative. I love how you have your Copics organized too.

    Happy thanksgiving and thanks for sharing!!

  3. I have always wondered if it was worth trying to make a light box for the photos... I finally found my ott-lite last week.. and it has helped a lot. I am going to check out the tutorial though. thanks....
    and thanks for sharing this VERY clean work space...
    wait till you see my pic for today.. haha..
    Happy Thanksgiving my friend!!!!

  4. I love your space! I love the floors, I love your copic storage, I love your working mat! Great stuff girly, thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Love your creative space Shirley! Just saw how you store your markers, very clever. ~jeni :)

  6. Lots of space for sooo...much more, wouldn't that be nice! I really like your Copic display, is that specialy made and/or where did you spot that buy? Nice space, Tootsie

  7. Lucky girl your space is huge all us girls from Sassy cheryls should come play at your house.LOL!! Shirley i love it!!!

  8. TM is too neat. Go for it girlfriend. Make a big mess, you know you want to! I have a box to use for my light box. Hope to build it this week! Can't wait. Thanks for the fabulous tips and tutorial. Hugs, Linda

  9. Go ahead girl, make a mess. You know you want to. Thanks for the tips and tutorial on the light box. I have a box to use and I hope to build mine this week! Hugs, Linda

  10. Very neat.. Like me.. Love it!!