Thursday, November 11, 2010

Workspace Thursday

Sassy Cheryl's has started two challenges on her personal blog this week. One is called "Color it for me" and is going to give you a chance to be the color inspiration for one of her colored images. She'll supply the image at a reduced price. You just need to color it and turn it into a card(the card is going to be inspiration on the store site) and post it on the blog by 9 p.m. EST on Tuesday. The other challenge is to share your workspace and what you're working on. A winner will be picked by True Random Generator and will receive a free image. This challenge is for Thursdays.

As I've mentioned previously, I am in Phoenix and no where near TazMania. However, I didn't let that stop me from creating my usual crafting mess. I just had to find a place to make it. I had the ironing board out to iron MM's cowboy shirt for school pictures and decided it would make the perfect cutting board.

I can promise you that next week my space will be bigger with lots more tools and "stuff", but I'm pretty sure it'll be a bigger mess too.


  1. Shirley, this is SOOOO funny! Hey, ya gotta do, whatcha gotta do! Right?
    Be sure to wash the cover when you're done. You don't want to leave any evidence. :)
    Thanks for the pic. It made me smile!

  2. Bahahahaha! Shirley, this is too funny. You go girl! We crafters will find a way won't we? Enjoy your stay. ~jeni :)

  3. How funny is this.. I use my ironing board for cutting somethings and for my large scorpal...
    Ironing boards are just the right height for me..
    love the pic...
    Can't wait to see TM...

  4. You craft on an ironing board!...That is the first one I have seen - thanks for sharing

  5. I think I love you Shirley. If you are in Phoenix crafting with all that lovely stuff on an ironing board, then you must have packed and brought it all with you! Did you leave any room for clothes in your suitcase?

    The best workspace yet! Ha Ha Ha We are all such addicts. Love It!

  6. Linda, I brought very little of it with me. I've been spending $$$$. I needed a new paper cutter so that's my excuse for the cutter since they have a Staples here. I've been going crazy at Michaels.

  7. Now, that is a good use for an ironing board.

  8. an ironing board....mine is in the wall, and the builder put it too high, and I am too it won't work for me....I am also messy scrapper...not enough space for me. I would need 2 together (width wise) Janetlynne

  9. Shirley a crafter can create anywhere i love the ironing board.LOL!!!

  10. Heavens I don't even know where my ironing board is.. Use what you got to use.. Thanks for sharing..