Monday, February 14, 2011

Show Me Thursday #11

Man, I can't believe we've been doing the Sassy Cheryls Show Me Thursdays for nearly 3 months. The fun part is that I'm still as nosey as I was the first week and look forward to checking out everyones space and what they have going on. Hey the fact that I might win a free image out of the deal is also a good incentive.:)

Since I got home from our vacation, I've gotten a few cards made, but mainly I've been working on doing some reorganizing and cleaning up in TM. My neighbor is back working on scrapbooks on her half of the table, so I needed to give up some of the space I've been using(like the whole table instead of just half of it). I used to have a tray that besides holding an organizer bag, also just seem to collect junk. I was forever searching for things. I took the long wooden crate, added some pen holders and a box and separated out my scissors, glue pens, embossing tools, razor cutters, etc. I also used the pink folding bag on the left to hold my ATG gun and some glue runners. The green folding bag has all my glue dots. The binder has my Copics Classroom information in it. By getting rid of the tray, I now have enough space for my Cuttlebug and my cutter on the far end of the table

The first thing I did was to reorganize my scraps into a small container by colors, then by solids and patterned. I have them cut down to sizes that will easily fit on a card and in the box. I then cleared out a space in my paper cabinet, that I can slide the box into to get it out of my way, yet easy enough to get to. The paper on the top shelf and the second shelf you see is cardstock that my sister got for me. The company she works shut down there printing room and was just throwing all this paper away. The last time she was here, she brought me a huge stack of 11" x 17" chipboard. The lower shelf is colored 20 lb. paper, and the bottom shelf has 11" x 17" 90 lb cardstock.

In my crafting space, you can see a small photo album. One of the things cluttering up my work space was card sketches that I had printed and saved. I kept trying to decide how I could actually store them so that I could use them. I thought about a Rolodex, but it would have needed to be too big and in my way. When I was in my office, I spotted this photo album that contained a bunch of out of date names, addresses and phone nos. for Weight Watcher leaders. PERFECT and to make it better, the cards with the names and addresses were there for gluing the sketches too. The good news is that I still have half the book to add sketches too. I still have to tackle my DP paper rack, but for now, I think I'll get back to being creative.

Glad you stopped by and don't expect things to look this good next week. I don't want to spoil you.


  1. oooh thats very organised shirley, you can come this side of the pond and sort mine out next please!!! romfl!! hugs Lou xxxx

  2. You are in Taz Mania, not The Land of Martha Stewart! Get in there and mess it up girl! Have some fun. Hugs, Linda

  3. Oh WOW!!! You have bee really busy! I like Linda's comment. . . .The Land of Martha Stewart. How funny is that!
    Oh, but I do expect it to stay that way Missy!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for showing your reorganized space.

  4. UGH...You are sooooo organized! I wish I could be. You have some great ideas Shirley. And oooooh look at all those copics. Happy crafting ~jeni :)