Friday, February 18, 2011

Show Me Thursday #12

Well, it's nosey parker time again on Sassy Cheryls blog, and this week I have a treat for you all. My work space is just filled with the most beautiful thing that you could ever imagine. This is my nephew, Corbin Wayne Swoope, and he's the latest addition to the Swoope clan. He and his parents are over for the weekend. His dad is helping my husband burn off some fields, so Corbin and his mom came down to play in TazMania with me.

In this second picture you can see Corbin's Mom working on editing some photos of Corbin and his cousin Coleman. The boys are going to be baptized in March, at the same time and at the church where there parents went as children. I've been assisting(mostly just looking over her shoulder) in the design of an invitation for the service.
Now if you're smart and just the least bit nosey, you'll post a pic of your workspace and what you have going on. There's a random drawing every week for a winner of a free Sassy image of your choice from the Sassy Cheryl Store.


  1. Ok, that baby is just sweet as can be BUT i'm drooling over your copic marker collection! *giggle*

  2. Laughing out loud so am I Carisa!! hehehe!!! :)
    He's a little cutie for sure hun, and your workspace looks so amazing with him in it!! :)xx

  3. Well, this has to be the best SHOW ME to date! Sorry girls. . . .a baby moves you to the top of the heap! :)
    Thanks for sharing this Shirley! Hop you all have a nice visit.

  4. I so love the Copics,but that baby just needs a big hug from Grandma Linda. So cute, I wish I could give him a big cuddle.

  5. What a precious little package on your desk!!!!!

  6. I agree with Cheryl-beautiful! Now that is a creation!!!
    PS Love your Copic storage-did DH make it?