Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Show Me Thursday #13 and OWH

Each week Sassy Cheryl sponsors this wonderful Show Me Thursday Challenge on her Blog and offers a free image to the winner of a random drawing. All you have to do is post a picture of your workspace. Reasons behind this are pretty basic, she's nosey, and so are the rest of us. I love going and checking out what's going on in everybody's crafting area. Hey and for a free image, you show me yours and I'll sure show you mine.

I actually took a picture on Sunday of the purchases I'd made at Hobby Lobby on Saturday that I had tossed on my table top. However, Barbara, the inveterate shopper, had been to a Scrap Expo and my few purchases were just a pittance in comparison to hers. I willing concede that she is the Queen of Crafty Shopping.LOL

I have fallen sadly behind on my OWH cards and decided on Monday that I had to get busy, to get enough to send in a box in order to make the Easter deadline. I typically put any cards that I make for challenges into the box for one of a kinds, but I also like to make multiples. They sort in 8 stacks, so I usually make 8 cards. Since, coloring takes me so long, I try to go for fast(doesn't always happen, but I try). These stacks of cards are the fruits of my labors.
The card on the far right is an I love you card. I cut the fish, wave and hook out with my cricut, embossed the fins, added the colored googly eyes, and printed the sentiment straight to the card. In case you can't read it says, "You caught me.... Hook Line Sinker. The next card is a princess card. I found those cute scepters for practically nothing at HL and then designed and cut the crown out, added the jewels and the word sentiment. The sentiment says "Daddy's Precious Princess".

Next card over is a CAS card with the John 3:16 verse. I actually created the tabbed oval using my Make The Cut Software in about 2 minutes. The next are birthday cards using the same fish and changing the sentiment(Birthday Fishes). I'm keeping these to have on hand for the gazillion birthday cards I send out every year. The remaining cards are some I created for challenges, and they were still on the desk.

This picture is the opposite end of the table, after I have somewhat cleaned up from the OWH frenzy.
Hope you've had a good nosey round and look forward to seeing you next week. Now I'm off to do a little neatening up and get busy on some challenge cards.


  1. Ok. Can't click on the pictures. That's NO fair!
    So, you take pictures on Sunday and post on Wednesday. Hmmmmm. Somethings wrong here! :)
    Love that you let us be nosey. It's always fun. I'm still in awe of your wonderful Copics. I have yet to buy any for fear that I will go broke.
    Thanks again for showing us your wonderful TM space.

  2. Great cards. You did a super job. TM looks really good too. I do however believe you will need to get another box for your copics. You're about out of room.

  3. You exhaust me. How do you find the time to make so many cards. Look I see you have a problem about being overstocked in Copics. I want to offer to take some of them off your hand, ha ha. Lovin Tazmania!

  4. Shirley, every time I come here I just can't get past your awesome collection of Copics!!! You are such a busy lady. Love your creative space. ~jeni :)