Friday, March 18, 2011

Show Me Thursday #16

If you're nosey and you know it, come on in. Every week Sassy Cheryl sponsors a Show Me Thursday on the Sassy Cheryl Blog. What's in it for you, you ask? How about a chance at a free image. It doesn't require that you make a card, or for that matter show an image. Cheryl and the rest of us just want to know what you have going on in your workspace. It's funny, but since we started this, I've made some new friends, and we've had some fun. Just post pics of your workspace HERE.
This week, I've been furiously working on Get Well and Thinking of You cards for another challenge. Since I never have any of these on hand when I need them, I decided I'd make two instead of one card for each challenge entry.What you're seeing here is my cards with one more image to color. I'll have 6 in my stash when I finish, and I'm smiling here. You will also notice(Linda C in particular) that I use half a box of Copics to color with, so I need them all. You're welcome to come to TM and color with me, but I'm not sending you any.LOL Please also note that I actually cleaned up, filing all my scraps and cleaning off my tall table. If you aren't impressed, let me just tell you, YOU SHOULD BE! I try hard, but it never seems to stay neat.
Now that I've got this done, I'm off to work on my card for the Sassy Cheryl Challenge Blog, and maybe one for the Color Me Challenge. Oh and Friday's Cheryl has a Guessing Game Challenge . You pick the image that you think had the most sales for the previous week out of a group she posts. She does a drawing and another free image is given. You gotta love her generous spirit, because two of these require almost no effort on your part, just participate.


  1. Well, well, well. . .it looks like you are keeping your 'cleaning' regimen. Good for you!
    Not sharing your Copics with dear Linda, is just SAD. hee hee. You know I'm kidding. I would love to actually be in there when you are coloring. I bet you have tunnel hearing AND vision!
    Thanks for sharing your space this week Shirley. Always a joy drooling over your stash of Copics. I think you show those on purpose. . . .just to tease Linda.

  2. EEEEWWWWW, I want those Copics and to come to Tazmania to color too. Come on lottery ticket, please please let me win..... If I win I am flying my friend Sarah (Stressed Stamper) over from the UK to craft with me and Jen. Want me to send you a ticket too?

  3. Oh Linda I'm with you hun I want those copics!!! hehe. Shirley wow on keeping it so clean again. You're putting me to shame. Smiles.xx

  4. You're workspace is very neat and tidy, Shirley! Thanks for sharing again this week. I always think that I should make two cards, but rarely take the time. Good for you!