Friday, March 11, 2011

Show Me Thursday #15

It's that time of the week again. You know the time I mean, when all us nosey parkers are wanting to see what everyone's working on. There's a definite reason for doing it. Sassy Cheryl over on her blog gives a free image away every Thursday, to someone whose willing to share their space with the rest of us. How much easier can it get to qualify. You don't even have to make anything, just show a picture of your workspace. I have to say that yesterday at one point my space was a total disaster. I've picked it up somewhat, but I'm not showing you a picture of that. Instead, I'm going to show you what I'm working on today. This is a big family weekend for us. The last of our 26 nieces and nephews is getting married for the first time tomorrow. One of my last assignments for the wedding was to bake icebox cookies. This is a great recipe because you make the dough, put in a loaf pan and freeze. Then you slice and bake. So here's a picture of my cooking baking this morning.

When we do family we do it in a big way(seriously big as DH is one of 14 children, 26 nieces and nephews and the greats are too numerous to mention), so my niece and nephews and their spouses decided that with all the family together, this would be a perfect time to baptize their babies. Sunday morning is when this event is going to occur. Of course, you know I'm right in the thick of it. The boys, Coleman and Corbin, are first cousins. Coleman is going to wear MM's christening gown that was made from a skirt and blouse I made for my daughter in 1988. Corbin is going to wear the first christening gown I ever made. I made it for my BFF's oldest grandaughter in 1987. Along with baking cookies, I also had to iron the gowns and slips. Here are the two gowns first unironed.
There's a joke that I love about a little girl on Easter Sunday at Children's Church. The preacher comments on what a beautiful dress she has on. She thanks him but then adds "my mom says it's a bitch to iron." She isn't kidding. I love to make these clothes and give them away, because ironing is such a pain. You get all the way around and you need to start over again because it wrinkles if you look at it.
The next picture is of my BFF's gown ironed and ready to go. I decided I needed to wash MM's in the miracle cleaner to get it a little whiter, so it's drying. Oh and you can't dress the babies until you get them to the church.


  1. You did an amazing job Shirley you truly did!

    Wishing you and your family the best weekend ever sweety.

    Hugs n love.xx

  2. Wow. . . I'll take two dozen! And those gowns. WOW. Gorgeous!
    And the story about the little girl at church. . .heard it before, but it's ALWAYS so funny!
    The preschool director (Robin) at our church is one of the most Godly women that I know but one Sunday, she had about enough of this kid that was always causing trouble. He kept using the phrase 'damn it' in class and the teacher asked Robin to take him out and have a talk with him about his language. She very nicely explained to him that you can't use words like that, blah, blah, blah.
    She later told me that what she was really thinking was. . . "you can't use words like damn it. . .damn it!" You have to know the woman to really appreciate it. . .but it was about the funniest thing I ever heard.
    Hope your weekend is FANTASTIC!

  3. Shirley!
    Is there anything you can't do??
    Those cookies look sooooo good and where did you share that recipe?
    The Christening Gowns are out of this world!!! I can't believe you made them both and then whitened them and then ironed them for the Umpteenth time????
    Have a wonderful family weekend. I hope you are finally finished working.
    Big hugs, Candy

  4. yes~ I would love the son's christening gown is still hanging in my closet...

  5. YUM-E!!! My moouth is watering Shirley!! Beautiful Christening gowns. ~jeni :)

  6. wow so much for ww i think i gained some weight looking at these goodies.LOL!! The gowns are just beautiful

  7. Can you see me? I am bowing down to you with my hands raised in worship. I now crown you the Martha Stewart of Tazmania. You are truly awesome GF. As I type this I bet you are totally exhausted after a day of hugs, laughs and tears that comes from being in the midst of a big close family. Hope it was a perfect day.

    Hugs, Linda

  8. Wow! You are certainly busy!! Those cookies look yummy and those Christening gowns are so pretty!!
    Jodi =)