Friday, August 5, 2011

Show Me Thursday # 36

It's nosey parker time again. Thank you Miss Sassy Cheryl, for giving me the opportunity to have a peak at the lives of other crafters. It's always a fun time as you never know just what you're going to see. As if it's not enough for nosey, we all get a chance at a free Sassy Cheryl image, just by sharing what we have going on in our lives and posting it on the Sassy Cheryl Blog.

I have a cousin whose more like my sister than my cousin that lives here in Columbus. For the past almost 20 years, since the birth of her daughter, we've spent a majority of Friday night's dining out with them and watching Peggy grow up. She's more like my child or niece than my 1st cousin once removed. She's an incredible young lady and today her parents and she left in two vehicles(she got a 15 min head start and will be there 1/2 hour before her parents get there) back to Auburn University to help her and her roommates get set up in their  first apartment.  My DH and I were invited over last night for her last supper at home before going back to school for her sophomore year.

She is so my child, in that she has developed quite the taste for lattes. I found a great deal on an Espresso Machine for her that's serving as her Back to School, Housewarming, Birthday(October 13) and Christmas present for this year. I spent Wednesday and Thursday decorating the package to cover all the events. I first wrapped the package in Brown Paper and then used scrapbooking papers with a Back to School, Christmas or Birthday theme to cover the brown paper. I then went to my MTC software and found some already created Die Cuts as well as some I made myself. She loved the package, and I had to open it for her so that it didn't get destroyed(made me happy she wanted to preserve it since I spent so much time on decorating it), and she loved her machine. She says she'll be a hit at school for sure, and she'll save some money(now you're talking) by not having to buy her latte. So here are pictures of the package from all sides and finally  with her hamming it up with the machine.
Happy Everything Top

Back to School

Congrats on the Cool Digs

Hamming it up with her new machine and she'd kill m if she knew I posted this.
So come on and show us what you have going on. It doesn't have to be your work space or even a card. We are curious after all.


  1. Isn't that package just the best thing ever! I love that you did the 'theme' for each season/occasion. VERY CLEVER my dear Shirley! I don't know which side is my favorite.
    And isn't Peggy just the sweetest ever. Those BIG blue (at least they look blue) eyes and that HUGE smile. She's a doll. She'll think of you every time she makes one of those lattes. Just LOVE it. So glad you took these and shared them.

  2. Oh Shirley this was just great what a treat for her and she will be thinking of you every cup she has.

  3. It looks like you've been having some fun, Shirley. I think it's fabulous that you have this close family tie!