Wednesday, August 31, 2011

SMT #39

Well here it is Wednesday, and I'm about to miss another Show Me Thursday. It's not because I've been sitting on my duff doing nothing, just the opposite in fact. In case you're new here, Sassy Cheryl hosts a challenge on her Blog each week where the random winner gets a free Sassy Cheryl image. All you have to do is snap a shot of what you've been working on during the week and post it on her blog, you're entered. Over the 39 weeks, I've been participating, it's given me a chance to make new friends and get some great ideas. So being nosey isn't a bad thing. I'm just going to post pictures with captions for a recap of my week.
Sunday morning started off with an early morning kayak trip with my DH if you look just to the right of the tree snag, you'll see the head of a deer that we startled. He's swimming to get away.

Sunday afternoon two of my nieces came down with their babies to work on a birthday party invitation for the Coleman's first birthday.
Corbin 8 months old in the chair and Coleman 11 1/2 months old standing. Coleman is just before trying to pull Corbin out of what he considers HIS chair.

Coleman's Birthday Party invitation. I created this from a free coloring page for Clifford and some additions in Photoshop.
This is a pair of Indian pants and a vest(cowboy) I've made for a friend of mine's little boy. I had to make another one for my daughter to take to Scotland for one of MM's cousins. They sent MM a kilt when he was born, so DD is taking a western outfit for this 3 year old cousin.

Finally these are money envelopes that I've made for my BFF for she and her DH to give to their children, son-in-laws and grandchildren to celebrate BFF and her DH's 50th Wedding Anniversary. Talk about doing it backwards, but she said their family is the fruit of their marriage. I love that thought.

So get out your camera sang a shot of what you have going on and post it HERE. You win regardless, if you go check out the other entries spaces.


  1. Oh My Goodness shirley, i know a little boy who is going to be sooooo excited!!!! oh wow you are so clever and coleman is nearly one??? wow where did that time go? i can't believe it!!!!! bess them, they are so cute!!! the invitation is gorgeous! too cute!!
    the envelopes are so pretty hun, i bet they love them and the family is definately the gift from marriage, i love that.
    huge hugs Lou xxxxx

  2. So whatcha been doing between 2 am and 6 am? LOL

  3. Busy, busy, busy! The pictures are ALL great, but my favorite is the little kids. TOO cute! And that invitation and the pants and vest are adorable!
    Thanks for sharing these Shirley!

  4. Wow, I can understand the late post Shirley! You have been a busy lady. The photo of Corbin and Coleman is adorable! My aunt has a rocking chair exactly like that one! Of course, it's recovered as well. Have a great week!

  5. Busy girl!!! Breathe Shirley, breathe... ~jeni :)

  6. Shirley...I can't figure out how to email you, so I will post this here and hope you will see it.

    THANK YOU so much for the Copic Marker case! It is gorgeous, and is the PERFECT storage/traveling solution for my Copics. I LOVE IT!

    THANK YOU too for donating to the Lungs 4 Life cause. My next door neighbor had a lung transplant in 2004 so this is near and dear to my heart.

    Glad we connected! I LOVE your blog!

  7. Shirley girl love all of what you ahve done ,those money enveloves look real elegant and that cowboy suit is inspired .x