Monday, May 28, 2012

A Before and After SMT

It's that time again where just for showing what you have going on in your part of the universe, you're eligible for a chance for a Sassy Cheryl image. Just take a snapshot and post in on Sassy Cheryls Blog, and you're good to go. You also might want to take the time to check out the other entrants. You never know what inspiration you might receive.

In fact, this post is in honor of Tootsie who inspired me try my hand at bicycle makeovers. My DH would tear it down to the point that Tootsie did, but since end theme is camouflage, the rust that's still on the tires is okay.

Our grandson arrives this Saturday along with his parents to spend the summer. He starts kindergarten in August, so the days of being able to come on a whim(they live in Phoenix which is a long way from his Grandpa and me). His parents decided that since they can work from anywhere, they'd make use of our camphouse and come for the summer.

One of the things his Grandpa and I plan to do is teach him to ride a bike without training wheels, but a bike is a requirement. We were going to buy  one, but do you know they don't put fenders on bikes anymore? DH pointed out to me that without fenders riding through water puddles will get your back soaked(believe me if he sees water, he's going through it). We also know that he probably will only be able to use the bike for this summer as he's growing too fast, so what to do?

 We have a barn, that seems to be the catchall for anything that anyone on the hill(area around where we live and no hill at all) really should get rid of, but can't seem to part with. My DH found this bicycle in the barn. It belonged to a nephew who recently turned 40(see we don't throw anything away). The banana seat and the no bar are perfect for  being able to get on and off easily. So here's the before picture.

DH took the bike apart. and I went shopping for paint. It really needed to be sandblasted, but had to make do with emery cloth and sanding it as best I could. As many of you know, MM(MonkeyMoo) is all about two things, cowboys and camouflage. I sprayed the whole bike with a dark brown paint, and then cut out leaf patterns to use as stencils to create the camouflage. I also found some faux leather to recover the seat. So here's the after with a close up of the camouflage. Do you think it's going to meet with his approval?

Thanks again Tootsie!


  1. I think MM will love it, Shirley! I'm sure you will all have a wonderful summer together. Great job on the camo!

  2. Oh my, what a cool grandpa and grandma is all I can say! I'm sure he will LOVE it!!! Can't wait to see a photo of him riding it!

  3. Omgosh Shirley! this is FANTASTIC!!! He is going to squeeeeeel over seeing this bike.. and that grandpa is going to teach him to ride without training wheels.... awesome!
    you go girl!
    perfect show me post for sure! I love it!
    hugs to ya

  4. AWESOME!!! I was wondering if this was your secret project...LOL. :)MM will love it!
    Are you ready for the non-stop summer action though?? Have fun.

  5. MM has the most totally cool grandparents ever! He is going to love it and you are going to enjoy the whole summer with him. Big smile here, can you see it?

  6. Oh Shirley!
    omgosh hun that is just completely wonderful!! MM will love it, you are so clever. And super yeye to them coming to stay too.
    I will tell Mo to get his MM mail ready and we can post it on the weekend...he has a little pile ready but I bet he add's to it!!!
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  7. Shirley, what a wonderful transformation of the old bike into a new camo bike. MM will love it and it will entertain him all summer long. I see hours of fun in MM's summer riding with Grandma and through the puddles LOL.

  8. Wow Shirley he will be delighted with this ,its just wonderful and show what can be done with paint.He is such a blessed little boy and who better than grandad to teach him ,David taught our two and they listen better to grandpa .Who did the paint treatment it is a wow for wonderful xx

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  10. Shirley MM will love it .OMG this little boy has a pretty crafty

  11. OMGosh. . . .please tell me that MM has NOT seen this?! He is going to totally flip out! This is absolutely FABULOUS! And what a great way to recycle an old bike. It's perfect. And this way if he 'dings' it up, it won't matter. Kind of makes me wish I had my old bike. :(
    I love, love, love it. Now what are you going to do for an encore?
    Thanks for sharing this. . . .now all we need are the pictures of MM on it. :)

  12. The bike looks great, love what you have made with it and I'm sure MM will like it! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  13. Excellent!!!! I love the ride! I need to do some up "riding" for Toots before I know it. She is riding the bike I made for her and lovin' it...Awesome Shirley...totally excited that you did this ride!

  14. Hello!

    Amazing makeover on the bike! Your grandson will love it! Wishing you a happy weekend!


    Barbara Diane