Friday, May 4, 2012

Showing Charles Prowell Glenn

I was wondering what I would be showing for this week's SMT #74 challenge on the Sassy Cheryls Blog, when my niece came through for me. She was expecting our next great nephew whose being named for my DH, a very special blessing for DH and myself since their whole family picked the name. We saw her Monday night, and she'd been to the Doctor that day. He'd assured her that the baby wasn't coming soon. Well low and behold, Charles Prowell Glenn decided he was ready to meet his parents and his big brothers, and arrived Wednesday morning at 9:06 a.m.(they got to the hospital a little before 7 a.m.). Being early is nothing like his Great Uncle Charles. So here is a picture of Charles Prowell Glenn meeting his namesake and Great Uncle Charles McDowell Swoope.

My niece and her husband already have 4 boys so this rounds out their basketball team. Their oldest will be 22 in June, the next will be 19 in July, the third will be 16 this month, and the fourth and the once was little brother will be 14 in August. They told the boys what the sex of the baby was in a Christmas present. Each boy opened a box that had a blue golf shirt and a button that said "I am the Big Brother." Yesterday the three boys that were local donned their shirts and buttons and hung out at the hospital. The 4th brother goes to college out of state.

Here is a delightful picture of Charles Prowell Glenn in his I'm the Little Brother onesie.

This is a pic of baby with Mom. Doesn't she look fabulous even without makeup?

Here's a pic of me with Charles. Since only one grandmother lives in town, I'm counting on getting my fair share of babysitting time in with him.

Finally here's a close up of Charles Prowell Glenn. He's already a good baby, because it had been 5 hours since his last feeding when these pictures were made.
I'm way ahead of the game with my this week's SMT post, but I couldn't wait to show him off.


  1. ALL great pics. So glad that your niece came through for you. I don't think it was her. . . . .but that little Charles that you have to thank for your SMThursday post.
    Your niece is beautiful and she looks like the PROUD mother of a gorgeous baby. And he is! He is simply beautiful! And I LLLLLOOOOVVVEEEE those lips. I bet you'll get your fair share of babysitting time and if you don't, I'd almost bet that you'll steal some. And doesn't DH look like the proud name sake! HEHEHE.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful moment and pics with us Shirley. Love em all!

  2. Shirley that baby is just so gorgeous and your niece looks so beautiful and serene not at all like she has been through labour.I have to say your Charles looks like such a lovely man and he must feel so proud to have a baby named for you is an honour .I love the pic of you with that baby too all in all a very good looking family .ps your niece looks so young .I think this is a winning post for SMT post you cannot top the birth of a baby ,no way no how .xxx

  3. Great post with fabulous photos. Your niece looks way too young to have kids as old as the oldest one. I suspect that little cutie is going to be spoiled by his big brothers when they don't think he is a little pest :) I also think his Great Aunt and Uncle will do their share of spoiling too - lucky little man.

  4. Oh shirley!! I go to work for 2 days and all this exciting stuff happens!!!!
    oh he is just adorable and his big brothers look so proud. I love that he has Charles's name and the photo's are just awesome hun!
    huge hugs Lou xxxxxxxx

  5. Oh My Gosh Shirley! what a precious little guy, and so so special to be named after your sweet hubby! your only going to spoil him every single chance you get:):)
    Look at that wonderful full head of hair-love it!
    awesome pictures~ every single one!
    So happy for you!!!
    hugs to ya my friend!

  6. What an adorable baby! What fabulous photos! Congrats!

  7. ...we are just 4 months apart! Ethan is getting the little guy look now. I truly know your joy...Hugs, Tootsie

  8. Wow, look at all of that hair! So glad Charles came into the world healthy and very loved. Great pics, Shirley!

  9. What a great pictures . . . beautiful little baby . . .Congratulations

  10. God bless the Momma and the Daddy! Phew! He is precious and what an honor for your DH! Enjoy!!!