Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Have A Screen Door!

Since shortly after my DH and I built Tazmania, I've been asking about the possibility of a screen door. There are days, when we really don't need the AC, but we need air circulating. His response has always been that he couldn't get a door to fit. That totally made no sense to me, since it was a purchased door unit. What he meant was that since he took the outside facing off of the door and built a new  one out of cypress, it wasn't going to fit easily.

Finally last Friday, he had to put a new storm door on one of our rental houses, and I HAD HIM. No way could he weasel out on my door now. So he came home with the door on Friday afternoon.  I helped him to hang it, and I have to tell you sometimes we work well together and sometimes we don't. It was touch and go on this one, but we made it by maintaining our sense of humor.

So this is my screen door. It looks very good with the cypress don't you think? This is my Show Me Thursday post for the Sassy Cheryl Blog, and again I'm getting it in just under the wire.


  1. Lol!!! I can just hear you all 'getting along' in your moments. Yep, you totally had him, didn't you! Well, at least you got your screen door, and I love the sound of them slamming!!! I want one, I want one. :)
    Enjoy, my friend, and it looks like its just in time for the warmer temps that are coming. Can smell that fresh air already.
    Thanks for playing in the SMT fun!!

  2. Woo hoo, - now Taz has heating, air conditioning and fresh air so we should all be lovely and comfortable. Thank you to your DH.

  3. I can totally relate the the screen door need, Shirley! I finally got a screen door for our back door, but wishing for one on the front. Of course, no AC in our house so we rely on a ceiling fan and breeze WHEN the temps are warm enough! Hurray that your DH found a way to make the screen fit. Have a great week!

  4. Oh Shirley Men sometimes hey .Well its done now and it will be a lot more comfortable for you now xx

  5. It so needed that screen door if for nothing else-the cuteness factor! Glad y'all survived the door hanging!

  6. yippee! A screen door!! this is going to help out a lot! air circulating is a must with major crafting going on!
    good for you!!