Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Let Me Show You Washington State

For my SMT post for the Sassy Cheryls Blog Challenge, I've got a few pictures of what I've been doing and seeing while I've been visiting Judy and Anna in Washington State this week. I have been blessed with some of the most amazingly beautiful weather. They assure me this  is the longest spell of continuous sunshine they've experienced this year.

The weekend was spent with crafting with Anna and Judy, and shopping at some craft stores.

Mt. Ranier from the Observation Deck of the Space Needle
Anna and Judy with the Chihuly exhibit in the background

On Monday, the three of us went into downtown Seattle. Our first stop was the observation tower at the Space Needle.

From there we headed over to Pike Place Market. The weather was amazing and the crowd was minimal. This picture is of just one fish booth inside the market. We missed the throwing fish.

When we got back to Judy's Monday afternoon, her DH took me for a spin in his T-bucket. He built this from a kit that was delivered on a truck.
Display Garden

Display Garden

Display Garden

Display Gardens

Tulip Fields

On Tuesday we went to the Tulip Fields up at Anacortes. I took over 200 pictures and am going to share a few with you. I will say, that I don't think there is any way to get the full effect of the amazing site of these tulips from a picture. You just have to be there.

Today we're off to do the Boeing Tour. I won't have any pictures from that as all cameras are banned, but I'm sure that I will have some more pictures to post for next week's SMT post.


  1. What fabulous photos and I am so glad you are having fun with those two Sassy gals.

  2. You planned your trip just at the right time for the perfectly stunning weather!
    OMGOSH the fun we have had! these pictures turned our f a b u l o u s l y!!!!

  3. My, my, my SHirley. You have been quite the traveler and having such fun! Those tulips are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have loved to have ridden in the car too! How fun. Have you checked with DH to see if the sun has been shining back at your house? Perhaps you packed the sunshine and he's been without. :)
    Love the pics Shirley! Can't wait to see more!