Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Show Me Thursday

Our youngest daughter and our grandson, MonkeyMoo aka MM for short flew in for a long weekend visit. On Monday night before they came, MM called to ask Grandpa if he could build him a tree house with a couple of boards in the tree with his swing. Well the tree with the swing is a pecan and really doesn't have any limbs suitable for building a tree house. There is however a large cedar tree that just happens to have a view of an open lane where deer like to hang out(so do you see a dual purpose going here).

On Tuesday afternoon, DH commenced work on the tree house. This is all that he had done as of dark on Tuesday(remember they're arriving on Thursday and he has to drive to Birmingham to pick them up).

Wednesday needless to say was a very busy day for him. These are picture of what he had finished on Wednesday afternoon about 4:15. You'll notice that there are still no walls, and MM wanted walls.

Thursday morning he added the walls. The walls are actually a portable deer stand that DH already had built. He hinged the walls with door hinges, so he could take the pins out and handle the walls one section at a time. He also made the roof with a grooved slot so that it too can be easily removed.

These final shots are of MM and Grandpa in the treehouse on Friday morning. They decided to enjoy their coffee up there(MM's is more milk than coffee, but the cup was full).

Now be sure that you go to Sassy Cheryls Blog and show us a picture of what's going on in your world so we can get to know you better( a polite way of saying be nosey). There's a chance for a free image. BUT  WAIT THERE'S MORE, this week Sassy Cheryl has a second challenge going on, again for a free image. She's looking for you to help her name her latest little girl image. Just leave a comment on the post.


  1. Hey GF, I need a new roof. Can you please send DH over? Hugs, Linda

  2. You need a Men at Work sign. Special times. :)

  3. he he he!!! omg i love it!!! and mm and your dh look so cute in there too, he is so clever building that so quickly! mo would adore it.
    huge hugs Lou xxxxx

  4. Hubby is pretty handy, isn't he. This is fabulous and I know MM will spend many, many hours up there. Great photos of the progress and adore the one with DH and MM up there drinking their coffee! I remember my grandmother making me coffee like that too when I was a kid and I loved it!
    Thanks for sharing these this week in the SMThursday fun.

  5. What fun and something that MM will always remember getting to do with his grandpa! I'm glad you got a chance to visit with family.

  6. Shirley how lucky you are and MM to have a hubby that gets it done.What memories mm will have of him and his grandpa.Could your hubby call mine and tell him im still waiting for my table that i can stand up at. please.TFS