Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SMT #47 and A Camp Wrap Up

I'm so happy to be taking part in the Show Me Thursday over at Sassy Cheryl's Blog. For a chance at a free Sassy Cheryl's image, all you have to do is post what you've got going on in your work space or your life over on the Sassy Cheryl's Blog.  It's great fun  having a nosey in everyone's life. You never know what you'll see or learn.

I have a group of friends that I made over on the Weight Watcher's board on a group called the 10K Challenge. They were online friends to begin with, but in the Spring of 2004, I had a couple that came for a visit. In the Spring of 2005 there were 5 of us and that was the year Camp Taz was born. My nickname is Taz(think of the Tasmanian Devil). The first camps started as a long weekend in the spring of each year. Now it's a semi-annual event and lasts from Wednesday through til the next Tuesday. We spend the week preparing points friendly and very healthy Weight Watcher foods, truly discussing the Program and walking, kayaking, laughing, dancing, and even playing the Wii.  It's a twice a year kick in the seat of the pants and a chance to refocus. With the exception of one(she's only 40 and got in being the neighbor of one of our Posse members), we're all now 60 or older, but you'd never know it. I'm going to  post pictures with captions of pictures from this past week's camp. It ended today, and I have to say that it was a huge success.
The group invading MonkeyMoo's Tree House
Chicken Piccata and No Noodle Lasagna and a Salad Dessert was a French Apple Tart that didn't stay on the plate long enough to photograph.
Fall CT Campers at Noxubee Refuge

Alligator spotted sunning himself at Noxubee Refuge( a super zoom lens was used in the making of this picture)
Barley, Grape Tomato and Arugula Saute, Lemon Shrimp Linguine and a salad

Sunday morning sunrise kayaking
Spider webs spotted on a kayaking run

Great Blue Heron

Sunset kayaking on Monday afternoon(you can see that Fall is happening)

Thanks for stopping by. Now hurry and post a pic on Sassy Cheryl's Blog. Oh and don't forget to check out the spaces of the other challenge participants.


  1. oh wow shirley, there are some beautiful pictures here hun, i love the one of you all in MM's treehouse!!!! and the alligator!! little mo said " mummy, shirley didnt go near that bad one did she?"!!!
    huge hugs Lou xxxxx

  2. What fabulous photos, but you should be ashamed using MM's treehouse. DId you ask permission? hee hee. They are all great pics, but I love the one with the caption, 'a super-zoom lens was used in making this photo'. Priceless.
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos this week in the SMThursday fun. You're a HOOT!

  3. Look's as though you all had a fun-filled weekend, Shirley! You also captured some fabulous images. Unlike Cheryl, I could live without the "super zoom lens" photo!! Yikes!

  4. wow shirley what great photos and i wont tell MM you girls invaded his space

  5. Great photos. I knew you were up to something fun when you didn't post for a week. Great photos. We have those gators down here too. You can usually spot them sunning in the state parks. Ha Ha.