Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Time for a Nosey with Show Me Thursday

The week is almost over, and I'm about to miss out on the Show Me Thursday Challenge over on Sassy Cheryl's Blog. I would love to show you what I've been really working on for the past week, but it's happies for my Camp Taz friends who are coming next weekend. Let me just say that it's required a lot of computer time and holding my mouth just right while the printer does it's job.

Besides that project, I cleaned my house(that doesn't show well either after 4 days). When I finally made it out to TM this is the mess I found. I have done a little straightening up, but still no crafting of cards.

Thursday afternoon, MonkeyMoo and his mother are flying in to Birmingham for a long weekend visit. On Monday night, MM called and asked Grandpa if he could build him(MM) a tree house with a couple of boards in the tree with his swing. Well that pecan tree didn't have any low limbs or good ones either, so yesterday DH commenced building on the tree house in a cedar tree that looks down an open lane where the deer like to hang out. Fortunately DH had built a portable deer blind that will work for 3 of the walls(and MM wants walls). Here's what DH got done yesterday. Needless to say, he has a lot to get done before he leaves tomorrow to pick them up in Birmingham.

I'm betting next week will have some finished pictures of the tree house and MM in it.


  1. Yep, he'd better get moving. I'm not sure he's going to make it. Isn't it amazing what grandparents will do for the grandkids! :) So precious!
    Yep, that TM is a mess! Lord have mercy, woman. . . .clean that mess up would you please. It hurts my eyes! :)
    I love that you showed both of these, but the pic of DH has me thinking how far he's gotten as I type. Hope he took his break and got some much needed FOOD!
    Thanks for sharing again this week Shirley. Always a treat.

  2. Amazing what we do for the grans that we didn't do for their parents. Must have something to do with more time and disposable income as grandparents. Ha Ha

    Have fun with your friends. Don't clean Tazmania. If you can find everything you need and have a small area to work in keep on crafting. Just think of all the crafting time you will miss when the amigos arrive. LOL & Hugs

  3. Grandpas are precious...this one build Toots' swing last year and what a blessing of fun for all...and Toots has learned to share it and Grandma when it comes to the swing time.
    My Studio is a mess right now also...with Bus Routes to get into the PC, and just straight out "need to get the organization back!
    Back to working on gifts for the holidays...catch ya later lady, Tootsie

  4. Hey Shirely! don't clean up a bit... I know you know just where every little thing is!
    love that you get into messes just like the rest of us!
    Awesome job your hubby is doing. MM is going to be so surprised and happy!
    your taz friends are really going to love their surpise too! lots of work and so special!
    thanks for the pic!