Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Family and Summer Camp

It's time for another Show Me Thursday post for Sassy Cheryl's blog. You do know what I'm talking about don't you? It's where you have two weeks and two chances to enter what you have going on in your life for a chance at a win of a Sassy Cheryl's image. It's a no lose proposition, if you read check out the other entries and see what they have going on in their lives.

Our daughter, who counts growing up and getting to spend a tremendous amount of the first 10 years of her life with her Grandmother, recognizes the importance of a child knowing knowing all of their family. As a result when MM was born, she committed to making sure that he KNEW his MS family. She's been letting him come for visits since he was 6 months old and makes a concentrated effort to get him to Mississippi at least two times a year. They live in Phoenix, so that's not the easiest or cheapest thing to do.

Last summer all three, DD, DSIL and MM came for a two month stay. Both parents could telecommute. This summer that wasn't the case, since DD changed jobs within her company and telecommuting wasn 't an option. That said, she sent DSIL and MM for a month long stay. They are set up at the Camp House. I feel like DH and I are running a summer camp, with baseball, soccer, target shooting, archery. These are a couple of pictures of MM. The first is his target with his bow and arrow efforts. To give myself a few small moments of peace, I've got him in Bible School this week, and next week he's going to Day Camp at YMCA camp.

This picture is important since MM and Grandpa have been doing tractor rides since he was 3 months old.
Great nephew Charles, DH's namesake

The great nephews(all brothers on the left) with cousin Dudley(right)

Our red headed Lucy Ann

Remember I was talking about family. Well this weekend one of the nephews was home for the weekend from NC. One of the aunts got us all together for an impromptu meal so that we could all visit with him. I snapped some pictures of the younger generation while we were there.

Finally this is a picture of MM with Coleman. I think it's a great "Cousins" picture.

Needless to say, crafting time for me hasn't happened. Be sure to check back next week, and please join us for the fun. Let us see what you have going on in your world.


  1. Shirley, you have gotten some fabulous shots of the family this summer. I'm sure your time with MM is wonderful and definitely takes priority over crafting time! It's seems like yesterday that you posted a photo of your DH holding the newborn Charles. He is adorable! The shot of little Lucy is priceless!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes, when I travel to Missouri for family visits I always pack lightly for extra space to shop while I am there. This year I even mailed a box home filled with dry goods from the Amish markets in the area. It was tough leaving this year as my 3-year niece and I have really become buddies!

  2. OMGOSH! Boy, Shirley, MM is REALLY growing fast. I forget that sometimes since Zach is almost 19 now. What fabulous and precious photos. I agree about kids with the family and the GP's. I was very fortunate that all of mine lived nearby and my sis and I spent time with my grandparents in the summer as well. Such wonderful and fond memories. Thanks so much for sharing. I think that this is one my favorite SMT posts from you EVER! Love 'em!!

  3. What fabulous photos of the family. Love the one of MM and Coleman and also the brothers, big and small. LA is so sweet and growing like a weed. How lovely that you could all get together.

  4. I see so fabulous scrapbook pages in the making. You are blessed with a daughter that knows the value of family time. Hugs to you and hope you get some RR.

  5. Love seeing the photos of the family. And to have the traditions going forward with MM....
    Lots of work for grandma and grandpa but the memories are priceless.

  6. Shirley, your post takes me back to very fond summer vacations spent with my grandparents. Those memories can never be taken and the foundation it gives becomes such an integral part of who you are. I agree with Terri, priceless! Loving the red hair.

  7. Shirley, what a wonderful post! Can't believe how much older MM looks---what a difference a year makes! LA is precious! Love the red hair...where does that come from?! Enjoy the moments, my friend!