Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Pirates

It's time for the first week of the SMT challenge post on Sassy Cheryls Blog. It's a two week challenge and all you have to do is post pictures of what you have going on in your life(and it doesn't have to have anything to do with crafting). You can enter twice and there are two winners of a free Sassy Cheryl image of your choice. Regardless of whether you win an image or not, if you check out the other entries, you'll be rewarded in seeing some new sights and you might even get insights into other countries.

Last year when MM was here, he was really into pirates. He wanted to build a treasure chest and bury it. His grandpa quickly informed him that any box built would rot in the ground, so they put some change in a root beer can and taped another can to it and buried it in the backyard. Each of them paced off and drew a map to the location of the buried treasure, and I rolled them up and stored them.

Well MM arrived on Saturday, and of course on Sunday, he wanted to dig up the treasure. I knew exactly where the maps were. They however did not have quite as much success in following their maps to locate the treasure.

DH dug quite a large hole trying to find said cans. He finally located one(he didn't remember the two taped together), and it didn't have any money in it. I had to explain to him that they had taped two together, and he went back to digging and enlarging his hole.

Finally success, the treasure was found. Oh and did I mention that the treasure was 3 pennies? I told DH, he wouldn't be burying any money in our backyard, because it would be gone just like it is in the stock market.

While they've been busy playing, I've spent the past week working on my stash of OWH Any Hero cards. I'll be doing my card signing drive on June 15 with the assistance of MM dressed as Uncle Sam.

Off to the camphouse, to work on the TV down there and see if I can get the wifi part to work.

You've still got time to get your two entries in, so don't miss out.


  1. LOL hilarious. . . ..3¢. Totally worth the dig. I LOVE the idea and MM looks super thrilled about the find. And BTW, loving that 'Hulk' shirt. He has such amazing abs! What's his secret. :)
    And what a stash on the cards. You're truly amazing girl! These are going to make some service men and women very, very happy! Love everything!
    Thanks for joining us in the Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Thursday fun!!

  2. Well, how long did they dig for the 3 cents?? I guess it was about the hunt rather than the treasure, huh? I'm glad MM had fun. Your card stash is fabulous, Shirley. You've been a busy lady!

  3. romfl!! but oh the fun they must of had, Mo would adore digging anything up!!
    gorgeous pile o cards there too hunny!
    huge hugs Lou xxx